Do's and don'ts in Dubai

Do’s and don’ts in Dubai [Update]

Although Dubai is the most widely visited city in the Middle East, it has specific rules you must follow. Here are the Dos and Don’ts in Dubai. Read Here!

Dubai has a lot to offer visitors from all over the world in all dimensions. It is a “rich” country, and the government has strict rules and regulations. Rules are  very strict that if you do not follow them, you can land in jail.They are particular in how they work and have several dos and don’ts that all visitors and tourists to Dubai should observe. Everyone should take the time to learn and understand all the essential regulations of life in Dubai so they can stay safe and enjoy their trip without any legal implications. We should all take note of these tips when entering Dubai and when exploring the city. Here are the Dos and Don’ts in Dubai.


In Dubai, you must respect the law and the environment to enhance your stay, and you will meet more people from Dubai with this polite nature. More friends make the stay more enjoyable, and they can take you to the best attractions in the city. They can tell you the best outdoor activities to do in UAE that make your trip a memorable one. If you behave disrespectfully, insulting Emiratis or locals, you may get in trouble. Such behaviour can result in arrest or a fine.

Dress Decently

The locals in Dubai respect their culture and beliefs, so it is important for you to dress appropriately when out in public. It would be best if you were careful about how you dress and how you carry yourself, especially for women in Dubai. Women should wear loose clothing, especially skirts that are knee-length. Men should wear jeans and denim or a top with sleeves.

Make sure to wear modest clothing that covers your arms and legs. Visitors to Dubai must not wear tight clothing that exposes their bodies.

Respect Locals

When talking to locals, be respectful. Speak politely and avoid using bad words or speaking in a loud tone. This is especially true when visiting tourist attractions, as these are usually very crowded.

A gesture of courtesy should be made to Emirati women. If they ask you to shake their hand, you are the only one who should shake their hand back. Do not take pictures without the lady’s permission. Take off your shoes at the entrance of the place you are visiting. It is considered a good gesture and a practice for the great ones.

Focus on Personal safety

The UAE is a relatively safe country. However, take the same safety precautions, such as avoiding dark alleys and the company of unfamiliar people, as you would in your own country when going out. After a night out, it is important to take the necessary steps for personal safety. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings and do not walk alone late at night. If you go to a bar or club, do not accept drinks from strangers or leave them unattended. Although rare, your glass can have harmful substances.



In Dubai, you not only see a happy life, but you also see a hard life with strict rules.DON’TS mean that you should have not do anything that is not acceptable in this country. DON’TS vary widely across the country, but to make your trip to the UAE as pleasant as possible, we recommend that you avoid the following to stay out of trouble and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Do Not Take Pictures without Permission

Taking pictures and capturing memorable moments on your cell phone or camera is one of the essential pleasures of Dubai. The beauty of Dubai is stunning. However, for locals, safety and discretion are of utmost concern. It is understood that taking pictures without consent is not acceptable, especially if taking pictures of Dubai’s women and children. 

Taking pictures of locals in Dubai without permission is considered rude and intrusive. It is disrespectful to take pictures without permission, so always ask for permission before you click the shutter. If you are visiting a place of worship, be sure to ask for permission before taking pictures. Otherwise, you may be asked to delete the photos or face serious consequences.

Do's and don'ts in Dubai

Avoid Kissing and Hugging in Public Places

Public Displays of Affection are frowned upon and considered offensive. So, it is not allowed in Dubai. In Dubai, a small peck on the cheek is tolerated, but anything more than that will be detrimental. So, it means that any inappropriate physical contact between couples in public, like hugging, kissing, or holding hands, in public, is treated as objectionable behaviour. If caught, you could go to jail. Remember, this is one of the bad mistakes any tourist or visitor makes in Dubai. So, make sure you don’t do this in Dubai. In addition, don’t play loud music in public places because the locals get annoyed by this and may complain to law enforcement agencies.

Don’t Use Foul Language

You need to be very careful and super cautious when dealing with people in public places, especially locals in Dubai. Vulgar language, slang, abusive words, and shouting are not allowed in public.

The UAE has an Islamic culture and values respect for the traditions of the people. It is also rude in light of the Islamic culture in Dubai to speak in public with women and children without knowing them. In other words, this means you must not be rude to women and children. Making such a mistake in Dubai can result in hefty fines and even land you in jail. Be mindful of your language when speaking in public, and always be respectful.

Final Words

Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the Middle East, offering something to everyone. It has scenic beaches, the tallest building in the world, luxury hotels and resorts, more than 70 shopping malls in UAE, traditional buildings that showcase the Arab culture, and modern facilities, such as spas, restaurants, playgrounds, sports complexes, etc.

As an Islamic emirate, Dubai has many dos and don’ts.  However, millions of tourists visit this dream city every year. Besides its beauty, This city has very strict rules that anyone must follow. Just make sure you respect a few important traditions and cultural obligations to enjoy your memorable trip to Dubai to the fullest. Follow the tips and tricks above to ensure you have peace of mind and enjoy the most in Dubai. Until Next Time!


What is considered rude in Dubai?

Avoid using vulgar language or gestures in public. Even while sticking out your tongue or giving someone the finger are deemed unpleasant at home, they are also crimes in Dubai.

Can tourists wear shorts in Dubai?

You’ll be surprised to learn that there isn’t a particularly severe dress code in tourist attractions and hotels when visiting Dubai. Men can dress in shirts, t-shirts, shorts, or pants. Women may wear t-shirts, shorts, dresses, and skirts.

Should I take cash to Dubai?

You won’t need to carry significant amounts of cash for bigger transactions, however, it’s always a good idea to have cash on hand for gratuities, taxis, and haggling in the souks (markets). In Dubai’s hotels, stores, and restaurants, major credit cards are commonly accepted.

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