Top 5 Museums to Visit in Dubai

Top 5 Museums to Visit in Dubai

Do you want to explore the history and culture of Dubai and the origin of the Emirati people? If yes, head to these five best Museums in Dubai. Read here!

Top 5 Museums to Visit in Dubai

There are many museums in Dubai. Each Museum showcases the history and culture of Dubai, attracting people from different walks of life to explore the Emirati people’s identity and regional significance. Although each Museum offers exquisite experiences to visitors, the following museums in Dubai are second to none. Read on!

Etihad Museum

1. Etihad Museum

The Etihad Museum is located in Jumeirah and showcases a wide range of pavilions, allowing visitors to explore the country’s and city’s history. The Museum displays photos, films, and various other things, letting visitors learn how the UAE and Dubai underwent modern development.

Besides, the Museum preserves a wide selection of UAE heritage and artifacts related to Dubai’s political, social, and cultural scenes. Etihad Museum is also known as the Union House because it has a massive collection of UAE’s royal family’s personal artifacts, old passports, and other things.

2. Dubai Museum

The Dubai Museum is the most picturesque place to explore because it is the city’s architectural marvel, showcasing the history of Dubai and how it transformed from a Bedouin village to a tourism hub in the Middle East. The Museum is located in the Al Fahidi Fort, an 18th-century architectural building in the UAE.

The Museum remained the residence of local rulers before the authorities converted it into a museum. Today, the Museum is excellently restored using modern technology to uniquely highlight the conventional mud huts, barasti dwellings, and bronze cannons.

Moreover, Dubai Museum also has a massive collection of the traditional fishing boats used in Dubai by locals in the past. All these things are reminiscent of the city’s origin. Don’t forget to explore the archeological findings from Al Qusais, Jumeirah, and other local sites. These archeological findings date back to 2,000 BC.

3. Saruq al Hadid Museum

The Saruq Al Hadid Museum is a historical wonderland in Dubai that showcases the Shindagha Heritage of Dubai. Saruq Al Hadid Museum is home to hundreds of artifacts and archeological findings. The vast collection of traditional paintings and artwork is worth seeing in the Saruq Al Hadid Museum.

Most exhibits in the Museum are three millennia old. These include jewelry, swords, kitchen equipment, war tools, etc. The Museum has excellent audio/video tools for presentation. We recommend taking a guided tour to learn more about Dubai’s ancient and modern history in a simulated-like environment.

4.    Naif Museum

Naif Museum is one of the best museums in Deira, Dubai. The Museum is in the old fort that once serves as a prison and headquarters of Dubai’s police. Most people visit this Museum to learn about the history of Dubai’s police department and how it transformed from an average law enforcement agency into the most advanced police force.

In addition, the Naif Police station is located in one of the wings of the Museum. The rest is the police headquarters, which is still functional. The fort was built in 1939 from clay. It houses two showrooms, life-size models, incredible displays, and interactive exhibits.

5.    History of Cinema Museum

The History of Cinema Museum is a fascinating place to explore. It showcases the progress of visual entertainment throughout history, including the birth and development of modern-era cinema. The Museum is near the Sheikh Zayed Road, built around the image devices collection of the 1730s. The owner of these collections is Akram Mikna.

These collections showcase the history and details of shadow play, peep boxes, pinhole cameras, magic lanterns, and stereoscopic images. It also details the progression of modern cinematography and animation. Thousands of people visit this Museum to explore cinema history in Europe, Asia, and America.

Final Words

If you are on a trip to Dubai and want to explore the city’s history, culture, and past life, we recommend visiting the state-of-the-art museums filled with archeological findings, ancient history artworks, paintings, images, artifacts, etc.

All these museums showcase Dubai’s past except for the History of Cinema Museum, which focuses more on cinematography history. Taking guided tours is an excellent way to get the most out of visiting the museums. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
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