Best picnic spots in UAE

With stunning white sand beaches, majestic desert landscapes, and plenty of sunshine, the United Arab Emirates is a perfect place for an outdoor picnic. Whether it’s a romantic dinner under the stars or an afternoon outing with friends and family, picnicking in the UAE has something to offer everyone. From city parks to secluded beach hideaways – there are some amazing spots in this country just waiting to be discovered. So get creative with your next picnic plan; here are our picks for 10 of the best picnic spots in UAE!

Best Picnic Spots In UAE

There are some amazing picnic spots in the UAE – from parks and gardens to beaches and deserts. Here are our top 10 picks for places to go picnicking:

  • Jumeirah Beach Park
  • Creek Park
  • Al Qudra Lake
  • Mushrif Park
  • Safa Park
  • Global Village Dubai
  • Al Mamzar Beach Park
  • Zabeel Park
  • Al Khazzan Park
  • Al Barsha Pond Park

Jumeirah Beach Park

Jumeirah Beach Park is a beautiful spot located along the Persian Gulf in Dubai. With its iconic skyline, white sand beaches, and plenty of activities, it’s no wonder it’s a popular spot for picnickers. From swimming and paddle boarding to sandcastle building, there’s plenty of fun to be had. There are plenty of convenient amenities, including showers and bathrooms for your convenience.

Creek Park

Located in the heart of Dubai, Creek Park is a popular spot for picnicking. With lush green grass, lush trees, and plenty of benches and picnic tables, it’s the perfect spot for an outdoor lunch or dinner. Don’t forget to check out the iconic Clock Tower – a great place to get some amazing photographs!

Al Qudra Lake

One of the more secluded spots in Dubai, Al Qudra Lake, is a great place to have some peace and quiet while enjoying your picnic. The lake is surrounded by sand dunes and desert landscapes, making it feel like you’re far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Remember to bring your supplies as there are no nearby shops or restaurants here!

Mushrif Park

Mushrif Park, Dubai: This expansive park offers vast green spaces, playgrounds, barbecue areas, and lakes, making it an ideal spot for picnics and outdoor activities.

Mushrif Park is a great spot for families who are picnicking. With plenty of open spaces, playgrounds, and even a petting zoo, there’s something for everyone here. Don’t forget to check out the nearby nature trails – a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the beautiful scenery! You can even take a ride on the mini train if you wish.

Safa Park

Safa Park is one of the oldest parks in Dubai, located just outside the city center. This historic park has plenty of green spaces and picnic spots, as well as an outdoor pool where you can cool off during your picnic. You can also check out the nearby petting zoo and amphitheater. It’s a great spot for an afternoon picnic.

Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai is a must-visit destination for anyone who enjoys picnics. With its colorful attractions, musical performances, and delicious food stalls – it’s a great place to spend the day. There are plenty of picnic benches throughout the park, so you can enjoy the show while getting your picnic in!

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Known for its beautiful beaches and landscaped gardens, this park offers numerous picnic spots with barbecue facilities, swimming pools, and playgrounds.

If you’re looking for a beachside picnic spot, Al Mamzar Beach Park is one of the best places to go. With five beaches located along its perimeter and plenty of shady spots, it’s perfect for a picnic lunch or dinner. Plus, with its calm waters, it’s also ideal for swimming and sunbathing! You can even bring your own BBQ and cook up some food..

Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park is another great option if you want to have an outdoor meal. This sprawling green space has plenty of picnic tables and benches, as well as a lake with paddleboats where you can explore the area. Don’t forget to take some photos of its iconic Clock Tower! This is also a great spot for barbecues and group gatherings.

Al Khazzan Park

Located in Sharjah, Al Khazzan Park is a great spot for an outdoor meal. With plenty of green grass and trees, it’s perfect for relaxing after your picnic lunch or dinner. Plus, there are several playgrounds nearby – perfect for keeping the kids entertained! It also has several natural ponds, making it a great spot for birdwatching.

Al Barsha Pond Park

If you’re looking for a picturesque spot to have your picnic, then Al Barsha Pond Park is the place to go. Located in Dubai’s residential neighborhood, this tranquil park has a large pond that is surrounded by lush grass, trees, and plenty of picnic spots. It’s a great place to spend the day with friends or family!

Umm Al Emarat Park, Abu Dhabi

Formerly known as Mushrif Central Park, this park features vast green spaces, botanical gardens, children’s play areas, and picnic spots.

Khalifa Park, Abu Dhabi

This park is a popular destination for families, featuring beautiful gardens, a small train, a museum, a maritime center, and various picnic areas.

Al Bateen Beach, Abu Dhabi

With its sandy shores and calm waters, Al Bateen Beach offers a serene setting for picnics and beach activities.

Corniche Beach, Abu Dhabi

This long stretch of pristine beach along the Abu Dhabi coastline is a popular picnic spot, offering beautiful views and a relaxing atmosphere.


These are just some of the many picnic spots in Dubai. Whatever your preference is, you’ll surely find a spot that suits your needs and interests. So grab your picnic basket and enjoy some outdoor dining in one of these spots!

Why UAE Is a Great Place to Picnic?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a beautiful country that offers something for everyone. From its stunning desert landscapes to its vibrant cities and beautiful beaches, the UAE is a great place to spend time outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a secluded spot or an urban picnic destination, the UAE has something for everyone.

The warm climate and sunny weather make it ideal for picnics all year round. There are plenty of parks and outdoor spaces where you can spread out a picnic blanket and enjoy the sunshine. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, head to the desert for a unique picnic experience. It’s also home to some of the best beaches in the world, making it a great destination for beachside picnics. You can even opt for a beachside barbecue and enjoy some fresh seafood.

Bottom Line

The UAE is a great place to have a picnic. With its wonderful weather, diverse landscapes, and plenty of parks, you’re sure to find the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a meal in the great outdoors. So pack your picnic basket and explore some of these stunning locations – you won’t regret it!