10 Things to Do at Dubai Mall

10 Things to Do at Dubai Mall

Being one of the largest and ultra-modern malls in the world, Dubai Mall offers more than 1,200 stores and plenty of things to do. Read Here!

Things to Do at Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is located in the Downtown area near the world’s tallest building, “Burj Khalifa.” It is one of the best places to visit with your spouse, family, or friends, especially if you are a shopping enthusiast. However, Dubai Mall also offers a wide range of activities to soothe your mind and spend quality time. Here are the ten best things to do in Dubai Mall. Read on!

1.    Shopping

Shopping is the first thing to do in Dubai Mall, thanks to over 1,200 stores and shops, offering everything to everyone. There are two anchor department stores and dozens of food and drink outlets in the mall. The mall covers over one million square meters of area, making it one of the largest malls in the UAE and the world.

2.    Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Another thing to do in Dubai Mall is enjoy the adventure-filled aquarium and underwater zoo. The aquarium at Dubai Mall is home to more than 33,000 marine species. The tank has ten million liters of water and accommodates sand tiger sharks and other species.

3.    Candylicious

Do you love candies and sweets? If yes, heading to the Candylicious shop is one of the most mesmerizing experiences you will have in Dubai Mall with your family. It is the best place and favorite shop in Dubai for children, offering a large selection of candies, sweets, and chocolates.

4.    Ice Skating

If you love adrenaline-fueled activities, why not go ice skating at Dubai Mall. The Olympic-sized ice risk in Dubai mall is the best attraction for adventure enthusiasts. It also hosts numerous hockey tournaments and games.

5.    Virtual Reality Park

Virtual reality is the future of our world and one of the most advanced, cutting-edge technologies that will revolutionize all aspects of life. The good news is that you have fun at Dubai Mall by visiting the VR center and playing a wide range of games.

6.    Ferrari Store

Ferrari Store is another beautiful and mesmerizing attraction at Dubai Mall. The place is fantastic for Ferrari fans. Here, you can explore numerous cars, models, and accessories. You can also interact with experienced Ferrari engineers and learn about the brand’s cars. Don’t forget to shop for sportswear inspired by Ferrari.

7.    Reel Cinema

Reel Cinema is an excellent place to watch your favorite movie. The cinema has different themed rooms with luxury seating. It offers 4D and 270-degree pictures. Likewise, the Reel Cinema has a fantastic restaurant with diverse menus. So, enjoy your favorite movie and satisfy your taste buds with delicious food. Thus, this is a one-of-a-kind experience to relish at Dubai Mall.

8.    Human Waterfall

When you visit Dubai Mall with your family or friends, don’t forget to explore or watch the mesmerizing human waterfall. Keep your eyes peeled for the impressive structure because this human waterfall will leave you in awe.

In addition, this art display is the most attractive place in Dubai Mall, driving people from all over Dubai and other countries. The human waterfall sits in the mall’s heart and is perfect for creating memories by capturing photos and videos with your camera’s eyes.

9.    Dubai Dino

Another place to visit, Dubai Dino is a beautiful tourist attraction at the mall. It is one of the ancient remains of Diplodocus Longus, a gigantic dinosaur of the yesteryears. Dubai Dino is 24 meters in length and four meters in height.

In addition, it has an elongated neck and a large, long neck that fascinate tourists. The massive creature dates back to ancient times. Research shows that it is about a 155 million-year-old creature preserved at Dubai Mall.

10. Kidzania

Kidzania is a perfect place for children to play and enjoy. It is an adventure park covering a large area, allowing children to participate in their favorite indoor and outdoor activities. The staff is friendly professional and guides children through different activities, creating memorable experiences for your young ones.

Final Words

Dubai is a beautiful city in the UAE and the Middle East, attracting millions of foreigners from different countries to enjoy picturesque beaches, watch the sunset over the Dubai fountains, and shop at the Dubai Mall. In addition to seeing other places, you can enjoy these ten best things to do at Dubai Mall.

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  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
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