Top 5 Roof Top Bars in Dubai

Top 5 Roof Top Bars in Dubai

Although there are hundreds of attractions and places to explore in Dubai, visiting one of these top rooftop bars is a fascinating experience. Read Here!

Top 5 Roof Top Bars in Dubai

Rooftop bars are unique places in Dubai to meet your friends/colleagues/romantic partner and have fun. Dubai’s competitive hospitality industry has focused more on creating world-class rooftop bars in the city.

Unlike other countries, Rooftop bars in Dubai have boomed in popularity in recent years. The sky-high spaces in Dubai attract hundreds of people every day to spend quality time, enjoy their favorite drinks, and relish the scenic beauty of the desert city.

Although there are hundreds of rooftop bars in Dubai, we have narrowed the list to the top five bars. The purpose is to ensure you visit the best rooftop bar and enjoy memorable experiences. Read on!

1.    Amazonico

Amazonico is one of the best rooftop bars in Dubai, inspired by the rainforest. It is a colorful spot in Dubai for romantic couples and friends, offering Latin American dishes and drinks. The night begins at the rooftop bar, allowing people to enjoy the mesmerizing views of Dubai and sip on their favorite beverages.

Although Amazonico is not the tallest rooftop bar in the city, it is pretty, lovely, and attractive, thanks to the banana-yellow parasols shade and comfortable cushioned booths. The signature drinks and the tropical-like environment with glittering skyline and scenic backdrop create one-of-a-kind experiences.

2.    Zeta Seventy Seven

Zeta Seventy Seven is another best rooftop bar in Dubai, offering a beautiful infinity pool on the 17th floor of the Beach Resort. The bar is 310 meters above sea level and welcomes guests to its luxurious oasis for brunches, lunches, and dinners.

You will love the stylish, open-air rooftop bar, offering a wide range of cocktails. The eclectic décor of Asian, Arabic and European design elements will leave you in awe. Zeta Seventy Seven provides a wide range of well-crafted mixed drinks, including wine and cocktails.

3.    Siddhartha Lounge

Siddhartha Lounge is one of the favorite rooftop bars in Dubai Marina. The Buddha-inspired or styled bar attracts tourists and locals alike. In addition, Jeremy Degras is a well-trained chef and cooks delicious Asian, American, and French Food.

Similarly, the skyline views of Dubai Marina and eating sushi burgers, la plancha, and apple tatin create experiences that are truly mesmerizing and second to none in Dubai. The rooftop bar also offers a comprehensive list of drinks from the eastern and western hemispheres.

4.    Hola Rooftop

Hola Rooftop is a perfect place for romantic couples. However, it also attracts adults of all ages throughout the year. Whether winter or summer, the Hola Rooftop bar is one of the busiest places in Dubai, crowded with couples, friends, colleagues, and hot girls.

It is a breeze and heart-soothing rooftop bar, offering the playful soul of the Ibiza, Mallorca, Formentera, and other Spanish Islands. So, if you want to soak up in Dubai’s sunshine or enjoy the nighttime view of the city, this place is perfect.

In addition, it is located on the 8th floor of Meydan Hotel, making it a picture-perfect spot for relishing a wide range of cocktails, wines, beers, and other drinks with picturesque city views. So, this spot is perfect for enjoying a never-ending summer.

People also come to the Hola Rooftop bar to enjoy the magical and sorbet-hued sunsets. Dining after the sunset creates one-of-a-kind and delectable experiences. Moreover, the interior is warm, inviting, and modern, with a white canopy ceiling.

5.    The Penthouse

Last but not least, the Penthouse has become one of Dubai’s most popular rooftop bars. Located in Palm Jumeirah, the Penthouse is the epitome of nightlife in this vibrant city, boasting the dual Marina Skyline and picturesque Jumeirah Beach views.

In addition, it has a white-clad venue that serves a poolside club. In the evening, the venue serves as a lounge where people come to dine on shrimp gyoza, beef tacos, and miso-marinated black cod. The background music, romantic environment, and cool breeze create a perfect atmosphere for adults.

Final Words

Rooftop bars in Dubai attract tourists and locals alike, allowing them to enjoy the bird’s-eye view of the skyline, famous landmarks, and everyday life in this metropolis. Although there are hundreds of bars in Dubai, nothing matches the quality and enjoyable experience of these top five rooftop bars. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
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