Best spots for hiking in UAE

Best spots for hiking in UAE

Many people ask: what are the best spots for hiking in the UAE? Check out this post for the most authentic information and details. Read Here!

Best spots for hiking in UAE

Hiking is an adventurous activity to enjoy the picturesque views and pump your adrenaline, improving your overall wellbeing. Unlike other countries in the Middle East, the UAE has diverse landscapes and valleys, offering beautiful and mesmerizing spots for hiking. So, without further ado, let us give you a list of the best sites for hiking in the UAE. Read on!

1. Wadi Abadilah

Wadi Abadilah is famous for its beautiful natural scenery. It offers an easy to moderate trail through farmland with mango trees, banana trees, and date palm trees. Because this area has frequent rainfall, you can find a lot of streams or rock pools in the Wadi.

The hike is doable for small children, but some rocks are slippery. Not only will you relish the stunningly gorgeous views of the Wadi, but you will also enjoy the cool fresh breeze to soothe your soul. So, hiking in this area is a mesmerizing experience to create memories.

2. Jebel Hafeet

Jebel Hafeet is a beautiful mountain region in Abu Dhabi, offering numerous hiking trails for people of all ages and skill levels. Mubazzarah Park is a lush green area for hiking. However, we recommend doing your research to know whether the government has closed this place due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

There is also a “smuggling route” that starts from the Desert Park on the other side of the mountain. Remember, both routes are suitable for beginner and intermediate hikers. However, we don’t recommend some hiking trails for children because some of the rocks are dangerous to hike on and can pose a risk of falling.

3. Jebel Mleiha

You can find beautiful dunes and the geological wonders of fossil rocks at Jebel Mleiha. Bear in mind to start your adventure with some light hiking and rock climbing before indulging in real climbing.

Because there are no marked routes, make sure you have your smartphone with the map application. The purpose is to avoid getting lost in the area. Besides, you can relish the gorgeous view of this fossil rock, take photos, and create memories.

4. Jebel Jais

Jebel Jais, the highest mountain in the United Arab Emirates, has two hiking areas. There is a total of six hiking trails of varying difficulty. There are five trails of varying abilities on the lower level, ranging from 0.7 kilometers to 6 kilometers. The 0.7 kilometers trail is easy, popularly known as the Farfar trail.

Thanks to the tremendous efforts of the UAE government, Jebel Jais has become a hub for adventure seekers. It is also home to 1484, the highest restaurant in the country, named after its height above sea level.

5. Ain Al Sheria

Ain Al Sheria is one of the most geologically spectacular and colorful hiking trails in the United Arab Emirates. The hiking trail is located in northwestern Fujairah. The track is undoubtedly unique, with impressive bright reddish-brown and huge rocks with ancient petroglyphs on them.

The 8.8 kilometers trail is well-marked thanks to the recent efforts of the UAE government. However, the hike is challenging and unsuitable for people who lack physical strength. Therefore, it requires some experience.

Moreover, there are shelters along the way where you can rest in the shade, but it is mainly in the sun, so don’t forget your sunscreen. Furthermore, we recommend carrying more water to stay hydrated in the intense heat. Parking is limited, and you will need a 4×4 to access the trail.

6. Hatta Mountain

Hatta is a popular spot for families and friends, including the Hatta Wadi Hub, a fun adventure center. There are also several hiking trails to explore on Mount Hajar. In addition, you can choose from three routes. These include Easy, Moderate, and difficult.

With about 33 kilometers of trails, you can expect trails leading to rolling hills, Wadis, farms, dams, small villages, and the famous Hatta plateau. We recommend this trail because it has numerous amenities, including toilets and shower rooms. Thus, this makes the trail ideal for families with small children.

Final Words

When wanting to go hiking, most people think of countries like Switzerland and Canada. However, the UAE is not behind the western countries when it comes to picturesque hiking trails. The only difference is the weather conditions, but hiking in warm and temperate conditions has its own unique vibe. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
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