Best Indoor Activities to do in the UAE

Best Indoor Activities to do in the UAE

Are you looking for the best indoor activities to enjoy with your family or friends? Check out this post to get the ultimate list of mesmerizing activities!

Indoor Activities to do in the UAE

If you are planning to visit the United Arab Emirates, you will not only be enjoying outdoor activities but indoors too. The UAE is enriched with High-tech establishments such as quality cinemas, aquariums, indoor skiing, and many more. Read ahead to make a bucket list of places to explore on your next visit to the UAE.

1. Underwater Aquariums and Zoos

The United Arab Emirates is home to one of the most beautiful aquariums. The massive Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, located in the Dubai Mall, is home to over 33,000 aquatic animals and offers a unique view of the underwater world. The aquarium provides a fish-eye view of marine life. In addition, the underwater zoo is home to otters, seahorses, piranhas, and other fantastic creatures.

2. Art classes

Sketch Art Cafe & Sketch Studio at Mattar bin Lahej Gallery on Al Wasl Road in Jumeirah is great to find your inner artist. Whether you are a complete beginner or have always had an artistic flair, there is no pressure here, and you can let your creative juices flow in a relaxed atmosphere. Choose from drawing, painting, sculpture, mosaic, or printmaking and unleash the artist in you.

3. Snow Cinema

Snow Cinema, a collaboration between Ski Dubai and Vox Cinemas, is one of the most fun experiences you can have in the UAE. The magic of cinema is shown several times a day throughout the summer.

The movie lineup features family favorites like “Raya and the Dragon,” “Tom and Jerry,” and “Maya the Honeybee,” as well as blockbusters like “Godzilla vs. Kong,” “Mortal Kombat,” and highly anticipated new releases.

4. Virtual Reality Theme Park

Another perfect activity for the warm season is Dubai Mall’s virtual reality attraction, the Virtual Reality Park. There are twenty-one experiences with varying degrees of excitement you can enjoy at the theme park.

These include ‘Dune Bash’ where you encounter camel, spiders, scorpions, and snakes in the desert, and ‘Burj Drop,’ where you are pushed off the side of the Burj Khalifa. Moreover, many more fun indoor activities await you at the Virtual Reality theme park.

5. KidZania

KidZania is a fictional city in Dubai where kids can pretend to be adult characters and enjoy over 80 of their favorite fictional characters. Covering almost every sector, from media to retail, these activities are designed to give children a real-life experience. At the end of each activity, children are rewarded with KidZo, KidZania’s currency, which they use to shop at KidZania.

6. Visit the Museum

If you are a fan of history and art, the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi should be your top pick. Born from the unique vision of architect Jean Nouvel, its stunning design was inspired by the rich architectural traditions of the region and brought to life using a symphony of concrete, water, and the subtle play of mirrored light.

The Louvre Abu Dhabi takes tourists on a journey through time, showcasing cultural achievements from prehistoric times to the present day in galleries arranged chronologically rather than geographically. Besides, tickets are AED 60 for adults and AED 30 for children.

7. Racing at Ferrari World

The Ferrari World is a massive theme park and a favorite place for tourists to enjoy all thrill-seek roller coasters found in the world. Formula Rossa reaches speeds of up to 240 kilometers and heights of up to 52 meters, offering spectacular views of the island from above.

Aside from the great dives, it is all indoors, so you will not get baked by the sun while you wait for your turn on the next ride. If you do not fancy being twisted upside down or thrown around at high speed, there are plenty of gentle rides with live entertainment throughout the day.

8. Relax at the spa

During the scorching summer months, there is no better time to enjoy a calm, excellent spa day at one of the city’s best wellness facilities. At Address Sky View, you can enjoy a spa treatment on one of the upper floors, followed by a three-course lunch.

Relax and unwind in the luxurious spa at Sky View and choose from three massages from four different aromatherapy oils: detoxification, stress relief, and muscle relief. After your massage, enjoy a manicure, a three-course lunch, and a spectacular view of the city.

9. Indoor Rock Climbing and Skydiving

CLYMB Abu Dhabi opened in 2019, but the Yas Island attraction quickly became a favorite city site. It is everyone’s favorite. This is because it is only home to the world’s largest indoor skydiving chamber and the world’s tallest rock climbing wall at 43 meters. CLYMB is open until 11 pm on weekends and 9 pm on weekdays. Visit for an adrenaline-pumping, unforgettable evening with your family.

Final words

The variety of indoor activities will make your trip worthwhile. Not a single day of your journey will be dull as UAE has a lot to offer for fun activities whether you prefer outdoor or indoor. Until Next Time!


  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
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