Best and biggest malls to visit in UAE

Best and biggest malls to visit in UAE

The UAE is one of the most mesmerizing countries for shopping enthusiasts. If you are looking for the best malls in the UAE, read this post!

Biggest malls to visit in UAE

Shopping is everyone’s favorite hobby, especially the ladies. And no matter how much we shop, it seems to be not nearly enough. Malls are the go-to places for not only shopping but to spend a good day or night outs with your folks and friends. What better country other than the United Arab Emirate holds the world’s biggest and best malls. Read ahead to find out which malls you should spend all your money in.

Dubai Mall

One of the biggest malls to exist, which comprises every single brand from all around the globe. You cannot help but reminisce over the idea of shopping in Dubai mall whenever you or your friends plan on visiting the Emirates.

It has more than 1200 stores. Huge international brands such as Gucci, Luis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and many others have been established here. This is why people worldwide fancy visiting here to experience shopping at the UAE’s most expensive and extravagant mall.

The mall has an ideal location as it is close to several activities in downtown Dubai. Besides the perks of shopping for international products, the Dubai mall exudes several restaurants with diverse cuisines.

Mall Of Emirates

Another biggest and most popular mall on the list is the Mall of Emirates, which occupies an area of more than two million square feet was opened to public entries in 2005 at Al-Barsha. The uniqueness of this gigantic and gorgeous shopping center is due to the variety of famous brands located in it, such as Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Spencer, and many more.

Additionally, the mall has more than a hundred cafes and restaurants. Families with children love to visit the mall of the Emirate as it contains the first indoor ski resort and park, as well as the high-tech Virtual Reality experiences and magic planets to entertain young visitors. One more attraction at the mall of the Emirate is that it provides its visitors to immerse themselves in several winter fun activities all year.

Ibn Battuta Mall

This particular mall situated in the United Arab Emirates is one of the renowned and biggest themed malls. As the name itself suggest, this mall was established to pay homage to the famous explorer Ibn Battuta.

Ibn Battuta Mall is a single-story but enormous mall near the discovery gardens. This themed mall is divided into different themed courts based on the places explored by the explorer, and these are as follows: China, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia, Andalusia, and India.

Although the mall’s main attraction is its themed courts, it also contains some of the world’s best retail outlets such as Carter’s and H&M. In addition to these outlets, Ibn Battuta mall has a variety of famous restaurants; including India Palace, Yo! Sushi and Pizza Express where visitors love to dine.

Mercato Shopping Mall

Next to the list is a Mercato shopping mall that features some of the biggest brands such as Mango, Hallmark, and Laura Ashley. Mercato is an Italian word that means ‘market.’ As soon as you step into the mall, you will be mesmerized by its architecture, which resembles Italy’s beautiful and historically rich cities.

The mall is home to many quality restaurants such as Hardees. Moreover, children can enjoy the perks of Fun city available while pet lovers can get their hands on their favorite pets at the pet shop located on the basement level of the mall.

Burjuman Centre

Ideally situated near the apartments of bur Dubai, the Burjaman mall is a Centre of high street brands such as H&M, Luis Vuitton, Nautica, and Mont Blanc. Moreover, it is a fun place to explore with your kids as it too has a magic planet, Virtual Reality stations, and VOX cinema for fanciers of the movies.

The mall also has restaurants with delicious food such as YO! Sushi, Nando’s, and Dome Café where you and your shopping buddies can dine for a snack amidst the fun yet tiring shopping activities.

Final words

The United Arab Emirates and its malls are enormously beautiful, with a range of fun and quality activities to engage in. After all, the UAE is called the world’s shopping paradise. Make sure to visit and shop there for yourself and get your hands on souvenirs for your loved ones on your next visit. Until next time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
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