Best sports to enjoy the UAE’s Desert Landscapes

 Are you looking for the best sports to enjoy in the magical desert areas of the UAE? If yes, this article is for you. Here is what you need to know!

Best sports to enjoy the UAE’s Desert Landscapes

The United Arab Emirates is best known for its two abundant geographical features: the Arabian sea and deserts. Who knew the barren lands would become a fascinating tourist attraction site one day?

However, it is not merely a desert as the barren land is infused with the most fun sports one can ever enjoy. Read on to find out how you can enjoy the thrilling sports activities these deserts have to offer.

1. Desert Safari in 4×4 Vehicle

Enjoy a wild ride in an air-conditioned 4×4 vehicle through the vast desert areas around Abu Dhabi and Dubai for a beautiful desert experience. The full-day tour takes you through steep, arid wadis and dunes, an excellent way to see the natural desert.

Desert safaris usually include visiting the camp and tasting the delicious Arabian barbecue. Before dinner, you will be given a traditional welcome with wet towels, dates, and Arabic coffee or mint tea. Local musicians and belly dancers will provide entertainment.

Other activities include camel rides, shisha or waterpipe, photos in traditional Arabian dress, and body painting with henna. The desert dawns early, with red skies and beautiful sunsets.

On some tours, you can even sleep under the stars. Your tour operator will provide you with blankets, sleeping bags, and other things, such as flashlights. The view of the stars in the unpolluted atmosphere is fantastic. Wake up to a beautiful desert sunrise and enjoy a full breakfast before returning to the city.

2. Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is an excellent activity to enjoy in the UAE’s desert. It is a roller-coaster-type ride on the sand. It is an adrenaline-pumping sport where quad bikes, dune buggies, or 4×4 vehicles like the Land Cruiser go up and down the curves of steep dunes without getting stuck.

The semi-inflated tires of the vehicle provide traction. The tour also includes an exciting drive through the desert in various vehicles. The desert wadi offers a similar driving experience on dry, rocky riverbeds instead of dunes. Jebel Marija in Sharjah is one of the best places for wadi bashing.

3. Camel Racing

Camel racing is an exciting, fast-paced sport in Dubai and is open to the public for an entry fee. The event is held at the Al Ma’am Camel Race Track during the winter camel racing season. The exciting cultural event provides the perfect opportunity to rub shoulders with wealthy UAE princes and citizens.

It is a traditional desert sport where highly trained camels compete for cash prizes. In addition, It is one of the most exciting desert experiences in the UAE you can enjoy with your friends. Therefore, you can miss the exciting camel racing.

4. Sandboarding

Dubai is a beautiful city in the UAE surrounded by a sand desert. Sandboarding is one of the best adventure sports to enjoy in the UAE. It is a thrilling experience of gliding down the desert dunes. Dubai’s tallest dune, the 100-meter-high Al Hammar, is one of the most popular places for snowboarding. The minimum age to enjoy this sport is 13 years old.

Thanks to Dubai’s natural terrain and climate, you can experience sandboarding all year round. You glide on dunes, sometimes up to 1,000 feet high, just as you glide on snow. It is a safe sport that all ages can enjoy. Beginners can enjoy sandboarding.

5. Quad biking

The desert region of the UAE offers an excellent quad biking experience. The thrill of quad biking on Dubai’s golden dunes is an experience you can’t miss. Believe it or not, this activity is one of the best ways to explore the depths of the desert. You will have a guide by your side to help you, and it is so easy that you will learn how to ride a quad bike in just a few minutes.

You will love this activity as it is adventurous, sporty, and exciting. These motorized bikes have bars and four non-aggressive tires. The handlebars are often used as steering wheels. Riding this bike in the desert is a thrilling experience.

Final words

If you want to make the best out of your adventure in the UAE, do not forget to take a visit around the deserts rich in adrenaline-rushing sports activities, which will surely spice up your Instagram feed. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
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