Top 5 Universities in UAE

Top 5 Universities in UAE

Are you looking for the best universities in the UAE that offers research-based education at affordable fees? Here is the list of the top five universities!

Best Universities in UAE

It is not uncommon for ex-pats to send their children back to their home country or other countries with world-renowned universities, such as the U.K. or the U.S., to study. However, people who move to the UAE do not send their children to other countries. It is because the UAE has several world-famous universities.

In addition, the cost of studying at universities in the UAE compares favorably with the most well-known educational institutions in the U.S, U.K., and Canada. So parents can save a lot not only on accommodation and expenses of a student in another country but also on tuition fees. Here are the top five universities in the UAE. Read on!

1.    Canadian University Dubai

Canadian University Dubai was founded in 2006 to provide students in the region with educational opportunities based on the Canadian system and education principles. Today, Canadian University Dubai is a place to receive a world-class education in the heart of a world-famous city.

It has a wide range of programs, including engineering, architecture and interior design, arts and sciences, communications, management, etc. The university is committed to providing a wide range of educational, research, and professional development opportunities.

Experienced and enthusiastic teachers from Canada and Europe teach at the institution. There is also the opportunity to start studying at Canadian University Dubai and finish at one of the partner institutions in Canada.

2.    Khalifa University

Khalifa is a private university that specializes in applied sciences. The university ranks 268th in the Q.S. world rankings. Students from over 110 nations study at Khalifa University. Besides, the university has a highly qualified and experienced faculty and offers research-based education.

In addition, the University offers 13 undergraduate programs, 22 master’s programs, and seven doctoral programs (Ph.D.). In addition to training centers, there are also eighteen research centers and institutes. The University also welcomes professors from different countries to teach in various disciplines.

Moreover, the university participates in different competitions, especially in e-government, e-learning, healthcare, energy, and aerospace. The university is closely connected with the Emirates government initiatives. It expands connections to the world level through cooperation with international scientific organizations from the U.S., U.K., and South Korea.

3.    American University in Dubai

American University in Dubai is one of the most respected universities in the region. It was founded in 1995 to bring the American education system to the region without interfering and challenging the culture and values ​​of the local society.

In addition, the institution has achieved this goal and currently has over 2,000 students from almost 100 nationalities. The increasing number of entrepreneurs and successful professionals among American University in Dubai alumni is further testament to its ability to produce hard-working, talented people who achieve success in their careers worldwide.

4.    University of Dubai

The University of Dubai works in partnership with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, therefore has close ties to the business community and offers internship opportunities with further employment.

The curriculum is based on the American education system. The university offers a variety of business, legal, engineering, and I.T. programs. Here they strive to train and nurture future leaders of the business world.

Besides, alumni achievements in various organizations testify to the university’s success in this regard. The faculty at the University of Dubai prefer intensive and interactive learning that conveys knowledge, skills, and the critical thinking and judgment that helps leaders succeed in a complex and rapidly changing world.

5.    Ajman University

Ajman University is one of the best institutions for international students. According to the Q.S. ranking, it is one of the top five universities in the UAE. The institution offers research-based education using innovative methods, techniques, and strategies accredited and approved by universities in the western hemisphere.

In addition, it offers five programs that have received international accreditation, 30 partnerships for student and scientific exchange, and 38,000 students from 72 nationalities consider this university to be their alma mater.

Final Words

While most people think of the U.S, Canada, UK, Australia, and Germany, the UAE is making substantial efforts to provide local and international students with research-based and quality education. If you want to study in the UAE, consider one of these five institutions to achieve your academic goals.


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