Top 5 Markets & Souks you must visit in Abu Dhabi [Updated 2023]

Are you looking for the top five markets in Abu Dhabi? Read this article to get authentic information and convince you to shop in these markets/souks! There’s something special about exploring a place through its markets and souks—the sights, the scents, and especially the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

And Abu Dhabi is no different! Whether you’re looking for fragrant spices, colorful textiles, or beautifully handcrafted jewelry, the Emirati capital is home to some of the most vibrant marketplaces in the Middle East. So if you want an authentic introduction to Abu Dhabi’s culture and heritage, check out our list of top 5 must-visit markets and souks in this magnificent city! You won’t regret it!

Markets & Souks You Must Visit in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the most beautiful cities in the UAE that drives millions of tourists every year. Although many people think of Dubai as a shopping paradise, Abu Dhabi is not behind, thanks to dozens of markets and souks where you can buy everything. You will find authentic Arabian souvenirs, fragrant spices, and local delicacies here. And if you know where to look, you can find some incredible deals too! Here are the top five markets or souks to visit in the UAE’s capital. Read on!

1. The Galleria

The Galleria is the perfect place for families to have fun and enjoy. It has over 400 stores, including 300 of the world’s most popular brands, 100 food and beverage outlets, and entertainment for all ages. It is one of the largest shopping malls in Abu Dhabi and offers a vibrant range of options for tourists. And if you’re looking for an authentic souvenir to take back home, the Galleria has it all!

The Galleria is one of the most stylish buildings recently constructed in Abu Dhabi, with a stunning curved glass roof and filled with only the most sophisticated and elegant luxury brands. It is an ideal place to find the latest fashion trends, cosmetics, and accessories. Also, don’t forget to visit the children-specific stores to buy gifts for your little ones!

The gallery offers a lively environment 24/7, with a massive selection of fashion, jewelry, and watches. Restaurants provide all types of cuisines with delectable menus. The Galleria also hosts year-round festivals that attract shoppers from local areas and other countries, particularly western countries.

Also, you can find the best deals and discounts on products during these festivals, so make sure to plan your trip accordingly. It would be wise to check out the website for more details and plan your visit accordingly. But this is the place to be if you’re looking for luxury. So don’t miss it!

Address: 107 Hamouda Bin Ali Al Dhaheri St – Al Maryah Island – Abu Dhabi Global Market Square – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates.

Top 5 markets/souks you must visit in Abu Dhabi

2. Al-Ain Souk

Do you want to explore the cultural attraction in Abu Dhabi and enjoy shopping for traditional items, we highly recommend the Al Ain Souk. It is one of the few markets in Abu Dhabi that has retained the authentic atmosphere of a typical Arab open-air market.

Al-Ain Souk is always crowded with locals as it sells items and groceries required on a day-to-day basis. However, many foreigners visit the market, giving it an inviting atmosphere compared to the air-conditioned, upscale shopping centers. If you like photography, be sure to bring your camera. In this souk, you can capture the original architecture and traditional vibes of Abu Dhabi.

This souk is well-known for its traditional Arabic fashion, including the abayas and thobes. You can also find a variety of spices, nuts, and sweets. It is a must-visit for tourists and locals alike. Further, you can find some incredible textiles, jewelry, and perfumes here. It is one of the most vibrant markets in Abu Dhabi.

Address: Central District – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates.

3. Abu Dhabi Mall

Abu Dhabi Mall redefines what it means to be a world-class shopping destination, thanks to more than 200 stores, numerous cinemas, and amusement centers. The mall was opened in 2001. It features local specialties such as dried fruits, perfumes, Arabic sweets, restaurants, and high-end stores.

In addition, It is a luxurious space with designer boutiques. Hundreds of thousands of people visit Abu Dhabi Mall to spend quality time with their loved ones and shop for their favorite items. So, if you get a chance to visit Abu Dhabi, don’t forget to visit this mall. You can purchase quality products at the most affordable prices.

Moreover, it is also a great place for entertainment. It features a large food court with delicious dishes from all parts of the world. So, you can enjoy a wonderful time with your family and friends in this mall. Also, their cinemas are equipped with the latest technology for an unforgettable movie experience.

Address: Al Zahiyah – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates.

4. Gold Souk

The Gold Souk Abu Dhabi is undoubtedly one of the most recommended shopping destinations in Abu Dhabi. Located in the Madinat Zayed Shopping Center, the Gold Souk Abu Dhabi is a gemstone market with stores selling a fine collection of traditional Arabic and classic Western gold jewelry.

Every popular brand has a store in the Gold Souk Abu Dhabi. These include Gulf jewelers such as Damas and Rivoli. As you enter the souk, you will feel mesmerized by the elegant and artisanal gold ornaments.

Moreover, It is a great place to buy souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones. It is also a great source of earnings for many artisans who are experts in creating and designing traditional jewelry. So, if you want to buy beautiful pieces of jewelry and take home a masterpiece, visit the Gold Souk in Abu Dhabi.

Address: Between Airport Road and Murour Road, off Sheikh Zayed the 1st Road, Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre, Abu Dhabi.

5. Yas Marina Mall

Located along the breakwater of the Corniche Road in one of Abu Dhabi’s most beautiful areas, Yas Marina Mall is home to over 400 fashion stores, shops, and leisure and entertainment outlets. If shopping is not your thing, you can enjoy various luxury activities.

For example, you can participate in ice skating, ride a roller coaster or watch a movie. Yas Marina mall also has a medium-sized ice rink, multiplex cinema, state-of-the-art bowling alley, roller coaster, and musical fountain.

All these facilities are worth your time and money. Moreover, enjoy eating your favorite Arabic or continental food in one of the chic restaurants in the Yas Marina Mall. While eating lunch or dinner, you will relish the picturesque scenery of the Abu Dhabi skyline.

Also, if you want to stay in the mall for more hours, book your stay at Yas Viceroy. It is an iconic 5-star hotel located within the mall premises. Moreover, it is one of the most luxurious hotels in Abu Dhabi. It is the perfect place for world-class relaxation and entertainment.

Address: Yas Island – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates.


All five shopping destinations in Abu Dhabi mentioned above offer a variety of shopping experiences. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Arabic souk or a modern shopping mall, Abu Dhabi has it all. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next trip to the UAE and explore these unique shopping destinations!

Final Words

Abu Dhabi is famous for its beaches, skyline, world-class resorts, modern infrastructure, traditional architecture, and parks. However, it is also home to the world’s best shopping malls, markets, and souks. You can shop for the trendiest fashion products, buy souvenirs and gifts, or enjoy an entertainment-filled day in these shopping centers.

From traditional souks to modern markets, shopping experiences in Abu Dhabi are always exciting and memorable. Each shopping center or souk offers something to everyone, from classic and modern jewelry to branded clothes to antiques to artwork, etc. So make sure to visit these shopping destinations while in Abu Dhabi and enjoy the most out of your trip. Until Next Time!

10 Best family activities in Dubai

Dubai is a city that is filled with activities for the whole family. You can find something to do for everyone, no matter what your interests are. From exploring the desert to swimming with dolphins, here are 9 of the best family activities in Dubai!

1. Camel riding

Camel riding is a popular family activity in Dubai. It’s a fun and unique way to explore the desert, and kids love it! Camel rides are available at many tourist destinations in Dubai, so there’s no shortage of options.

2. Dolphin swimming

Dubai is home to some of the world’s best dolphin parks, and swimming with dolphins is a popular family activity. Dolphin parks offer a variety of activities for all ages, including swimming with dolphins, watching dolphin shows, and playing in the water park.

3. Desert safari & Exploring the Desert

The desert is an important part of life in Dubai, and family safaris are a popular way to experience it. A desert safari typically includes a 4×4 tour of the desert, a visit to a camel farm, a stop at a traditional Bedouin camp, and a buffet dinner. The best part is that there’s no shortage of things to do in the desert – you can ride camels, explore sand dunes, go sandboarding, and more!

4. Shopping at the Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall, and it’s a must-visit for shoppers in Dubai. The mall has more than 1,200 stores, including many high-end brands, and there’s something for everyone. The mall also has a luxury wing, which is home to some of the most exclusive brands in the world.

The Dubai Mall is also home to a variety of family-friendly attractions, including an aquarium, a movie theater, and a giant indoor playground. There’s also a wide range of dining options, from casual fast food to Michelin-starred restaurants.

5. Visiting the Gold Souk

The Gold Souk is a must-visit for jewelry lovers in Dubai. It’s the largest gold market in the Middle East, and you can find everything from gold coins to jewelry to high-end watches. The Gold Souk is a maze of streets lined with gold shops, and it’s a great place to explore. Be sure to bargain with the shopkeepers – they expect it!

7. Taking a cruise down the Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek is a beautiful waterway that runs through the heart of the city. It’s a great place for a family boat ride, and there’s something for everyone. You can take a cruise down the creek, explore the old souks, and visit the famous Dubai landmarks.

8. Relaxing at JBR Beach

Dubai is home to some of the world’s best beaches, and JBR Beach is one of the best. It’s a beautiful beach that’s perfect for a family day out. The beach has a wide range of facilities, including showers, toilets, and changing rooms, and there’s also a wide range of restaurants and cafes nearby. JBR Beach is also home to a family-friendly waterpark, which is perfect for cooling off on a hot day.

9. Watching fireworks at Burj Khalifa Lake

Burj Khalifa Lake is one of the best places to watch fireworks in Dubai. The lake is located in the heart of the city, and it’s home to the famous Burj Khalifa skyscraper. Every New Year’s Eve, the lake is lit up with a spectacular fireworks show that can be seen from all over the city.

The best place to watch the fireworks is from the banks of the lake, and there’s plenty of room for everyone. There’s also a wide range of restaurants and cafes nearby, so you can enjoy a meal while watching the show. Be sure to arrive early to get a good spot!


Dubai is a city that is filled with family-friendly activities. You can find something to do for everyone, no matter what your interests are. From exploring the desert to swimming with dolphins, here are ten of the best family activities in Dubai!

Best Boat Trips in Dubai [Updated]

The best boat Trips in Dubai offers memorable experiences to tourists visiting the city. Check out this post to get a list of the ultimate boat trips!

Boat Trips in Dubai

Best Boat Trips In Dubai To Book 

Dubai is a city of immense beauty and is blessed with a stunning coastline, making it the perfect destination for boat trips. From luxury yachts to traditional dhows, there is something for everyone. Boat trips are one of the best outdoor activities in UAE that are popular among both tourists and locals. The most mesmerizing aspect of visiting Dubai for vacations is that you will never get far away from the ocean. Although hundreds of companies and operators offer boat rental services, the best way to enjoy the sea is to take a boat trip.

Enjoy the sun, sand, and the sea on a boat trip in Dubai. You can go on private cruises or group trips to explore the stunning coastline of Dubai. You can witness magnificent views of the city’s skyline from the horizon and check out some of the most iconic landmarks from a unique perspective. Make sure you choose an experienced boat tour operator that offers sightseeing packages and lusciously enjoyable sea experiences. Today’s article will give you a list of the best boat trips in Dubai. Read on!

The Yellow BoatsBest Boat Trips in Dubai

The Yellow Boats are one of the most popular and experienced companies in Dubai, offering tours across Dubai in its unique and beautiful yellow speedboats. This company offers private and shared cruises to explore the coastline from a unique viewpoint. We recommend reserving your spot in advance to avoid problems and get the most out of this boat trip in Dubai.

The tour spans 45 to 100 minutes. However, you can also choose the 60 minutes option to trip around Dubai Marina. If you choose the premium package, you will experience a luscious trip from Dubai Marina to Ain Dubai, around Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis, and to the Burj Al Arab.

The boat will take you back to the Palm Lagoon. Although the premium package is a bit expensive, it is worth your time and money. You can also enjoy lunch or dinner packages at sea to savor delicious seafood and international cuisines. The purpose is to relish the most picturesque views of Dubai from the ocean.

Address: Emirates Palace Marina – Al Ras Al Akhdar – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates.

Phone: +971 4 432 8543

Xclusive Yachts

Xclusive is a reputable boat Trip Company in Dubai with years of experience, offering luxurious sea experiences with its fleet of yachts to locals and tourists. By taking this boat trip, you will experience some of the most stunning views of Dubai’s skyline, Palm Jumeirah, and other iconic landmarks. If you are feeling hungry after exploring the sea views, you can savor delicious seafood and international cuisines. Furthermore, you can also enjoy a luxurious spa session on the upper deck of their private yachts.

The company offers numerous packages, depending on your budget. For instance, you can start the trip in Dubai Marina and explore other places.

These include passing through Pier 7 at Dubai Marina Mall, around Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, the Palm, and heading back to Jumeirah Beach Residence. You can also choose other packages, such as speedboat, yacht tours, and Marina cruises.

In addition, Xclusive also offers private charters and standard tourists. Make sure you book online through the company’s official website. We recommend booking your spot at least a few days in advance to get the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. The trips are enjoyable and affordable for families.

Address: Al Hubob St – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 457 3185

Black Pearl CruiseBest Boat Trips in Dubai

Black Pearl Cruise is the ultimate sea experience in Dubai. The boat trip will start from Jumeirah Beach Residence and sail through Palm Islands, Atlantis The Palm, and Burj Al Arab, towards Sheikh Mohammed’s Palace. You can also relish the views of the Dubai skyline from this unique perspective.

This boat trip offers a luxurious experience, with live music, belly dance performances, and other activities that will keep you entertained throughout the trip. You can also savor delicious cuisines from the onboard restaurant or choose to bring your own food. It is an excellent option for people with families or kids, allowing them to enjoy a wide range of onboard experiences.

Although there are numerous packages, we recommend choosing the 60-minute sightseeing tour. It will take you from Dubai Harbor, through the mangroves and Flamingoes at Ras Al Khor Sanctuary, and along the Dubai Canal. Once there, the boat will return to the port. A 60-minute package is an affordable option for budget travelers. Make sure you book this tour in advance to avoid problems. Everyone from children to adults will have a memorable time on this boat ride.

Address: Ras Al Khor – Dubai Creek Harbour – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 336 8407

Alexandra Dhow Cruise

Alexandra Dhow Cruise offers mesmerizing experiences and unique experiences to nature lovers. It provides a traditional dhow cruise with a floating restaurant in Dubai Marina. It allows you to enjoy a delectable dinner with your loved ones beneath the stars and a pleasant atmosphere created by the fresh sea breeze.

This boat trip will start from Jumeirah Beach Residence, passing by Sheikh Mohammed’s Palace, Dubai Marina, the Palm Jumeirah, and Atlantis The Palm. You can also enjoy other iconic landmarks, such as the Burj Al Arab and the Dubai Marina Mall. Furthermore, you can also enjoy an international buffet with a variety of dishes from all over the world. Remember, the cruise runs from 9:00 PM to 10:45 PM daily. So, make sure you book or reserve your spot in advance to enjoy the nighttime view of Dubai Marina and Bluewaters Island.

You can choose from a variety of packages, including traditional dhow cruises in UAE, speedboat trips, and even private charters. Each package has its own set of experiences that you can enjoy. If you choose a 200 Dirham Package, you will have a buffet dinner, including soft drinks, unlimited house beverages, and a private two-way transfer. The restaurant offers mouthwatering meals, including starters, salads, the main course, and desserts. In addition to the delectable dinner, you will enjoy the live music and tanoura dance performances. Make sure you are fully vaccinated to enjoy the tour without any problems.

Address: West Bay, Berth A11, Yacht Club – Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Phone: +971 52 899 6310

Go Fishing DubaiBest Boat Trips in Dubai

Go Fishing Dubai is a great option for those who love fishing and water sports. It is a reputable company that attracts hundreds of people to visit the magnificent city. Thanks to world-class boats with excellent safety features, the boat trips are unique and enjoyable. It organizes luxurious boat trips, allowing people to enjoy the views of Dubai’s marine life. About 90% of the company’s guests are beginners in fishing, seeking to learn fishing while relishing the picturesque views of Dubai. In addition, fishing trips include gear, bait, safety accessories, snacks, drinks, and a 35-foot Triton with a semi-shaded area with a toilet. We don’t recommend fishing for children under three and pregnant women.

The package by this company includes a fishing guide, tackle, bait, and fish cleaning. You can also choose from their special packages, such as deep-sea fishing and private boat charters.

Go Fishing Dubai offers a one-day boat ride from Dubai Marina. The trip will pass through Palm Jumeirah, the Burj Al Arab, and Sheikh Mohammed’s Palace before returning back to the Marina. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can also choose from half-day and late-night trips.

Address: Dubai Marina – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 55 796 0099

Final Words

Boat trips in Dubai strengthen family and friend relationships and create bonding experiences. The lasting memories people make on the best boat trips in Dubai are magical and priceless.

Not only do you enjoy the beautiful waters, but you also experience the enigmatic sunset and satisfy your eyes by admiring the scenic views of the beautiful Dubai City. Until Next Time!


How much does a yacht cruise cost in Dubai?

In Dubai, prices for yacht charters and cruises range from $150/hour on the low end to over $700/hour for large, luxurious ships with a captain and staff to tend to your requirements.

How much does a 7-day cruise cost for 2?

Based on double occupancy, a 7-day cruise typically costs $1,500 a person. However, depending on the cruise line and particular route, this cost might range from $700 to $4,000 per passenger.

How much does it cost to go on a yacht in Dubai Marina?

For private berths, the joining cost is AED 750. The yearly berth charges for vessels between 6 and 13 meters and 19 and 42 feet start at 3100 AED.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

Best Shopping Spots Dubai

Although there are many things to do and places to see in Dubai, shopping in the city is matchless. Here are the best shopping spots in Dubai!

Best Shopping Spots Dubai

Dubai is one of the most famous places in the world, offering luxurious spots for people who love shopping. Everyone loves shopping in Dubai, including children, teens, adults, families, romantic couples.

You can find a wide range of shopping spots, including local shops, big malls, designer boutiques, handicraft centers, and inexpensive wholesale stores. However, if you want to get the most out of shopping in Dubai, visit the following areas. Read on!

1. Dubai MallDubai Mall

Dubai Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the world. You can find and buy anything you want in Dubai Mall. That’s why the shopping mall has the tagline “Everything You Desire.” Dubai Mall attracts thousands of people every day for luxurious shopping.

Many stores in Dubai Mall allow you to shop for your favorite items. The mall also has numerous dining and entertainment areas. You will love the Dubai Aquarium, one of the most prominent attractions in Dubai.

If you want to buy designer clothes, jewelry, shoes, toys, or other fashion items from famous brands, no other place is better than Dubai Mall. If you don’t want to buy anything, you can go window shopping.

2. Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates is one of the most luxurious malls in Dubai, with over 560 shops that sell a wide variety of items. You will find brands, boutiques, luxury stores, and handicraft shops. Mall of the Emirates is the best place to buy local and branded items in Dubai.

Besides, this mall offers numerous restaurants, cafes, and food courts. So, if you want to refresh yourself and revive your energy after the shopping, you can eat your favorite food and drink delectable beverages in one of these restaurants.

Mall of the Emirates also has special areas for children to play and enjoy. Adults can relish the indoor ski slope and watch the latest movies at the VOX cinemas. So, this is an all-inclusive place in Dubai for shopping and leisure.

3. WAFI Mall

WAFI Mall is the epitome of shopping in Dubai. The place is famous for the world’s top brands, boutique stores, and luxury shops. If you are willing to spend some money, WAFI is the best spot to visit in Dubai for high-end shopping.

WAFI mall also has a hotel, dining venues, and a nightclub for adults. In addition, it has a beautiful spa to undergo therapeutic massages and relaxation. However, this will cost you money. Don’t forget to explore the Egyptian-inspired architecture of the mall.

4. Bur Dubai SoukBest Shopping Spots Dubai

Bur Dubai Souk, also known as the Old Souk, is the best shopping spot in Dubai because you can buy textile, fabrics, and clothes at the most affordable prices. You won’t find beautiful souvenirs anywhere else in the city than Bur Dubai Souk.

Although Dubai is famous for high-end shopping and luxury malls, Bur Dubai Souk is pretty different because it is a traditional market where thousands of people visit to buy affordable items every day.

Moreover, you will enjoy the diverse shops, vibrant atmosphere, local food, and retail stores to buy locally made products. The place is popular among women shoppers. However, Bur Dubai Souk also attracts men.

5. Souk Madinat Jumeirah

Souk Madinat Jumeirah is synonymous with the best shopping experience in Dubai. The place is famous among romantic couples, families, teens, adults, and even older people because you can buy anything you want in Souk Madinat Jumeirah.

Besides, Souk Madinat Jumeirah has high-end fashion, jewelry shops, souvenir stores, and boutiques. The place also has some of Dubai’s best restaurants where you can eat delectable food and satisfy your savory tooth.

We recommend walking through the vibrant and colored alleys and exploring the wide-open areas to enjoy stunning city views. The riverbank has a wide selection of restaurants and cafes where eating food or relishing your favorite coffee or wine will leave you in awe.

Final Words

Dubai, UAE, has become the hotspot for tourists of all ages. Every year, millions of people visit the city to enjoy a luxury lifestyle, beaches, sky-high buildings, and desert safaris and purchase their favorite products in these best shopping spots. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.