Biggest Companies in the UAE

What are the largest companies in the UAE? What makes them profitable? Check out this post to get the list and details of each company!

Biggest Companies in the UAE

The Global Competitiveness Report states that the United Arab Emirates has the world’s 25th competitive economy because the country has a strategic location and consistent government policies with high spending on innovation, infrastructure, digital transformation, and business ecosystem. The UAE is home to some of the biggest companies in the Middle East, Asia, and the world. Read on!

Emirates Telecommunications

Emirates Telecommunications, also known as Etisalat, is the biggest company in the UAE. More than 70% of people living in the UAE use the company’s services. Although you can find various other organizations, this company stands out from the competition. In addition to the UAE, the company operates in over 15 countries across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Although the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company suffered the most during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is still one of the most prominent organizations in the Middle East. The company explores, produces, stores refines, and distributes petrochemical products. While the global economy deteriorates and becomes unpredictable, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company makes substantial efforts to maintain its business operations.

DP World Ltd

DP World Ltd is one of the largest logistic companies in the UAE, operating terminals and ports across the Middle East and over 40 countries worldwide. The company has more than 56,000 employees in the Middle East. Although the company has suffered from the Covid-19 pandemic, it holds a senior position in the United Arab Emirates, thanks to its prompt and effective policies.

Emaar Properties

Emaar Properties is one of the biggest real estate companies in the UAE. It has more than 36 subsidiaries across the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, North America, and Europe. The company has some of the world’s most significant achievements in its portfolio, including its tallest manmade structure “Burj Khalifa.” Emaar Properties focus on residential and commercial property development.

Emirates Islamic Bank

Emirates Islamic Bank is the most profitable organization in the UAE, competing with the Abu Dhabi Bank. It is the leading provider of Islamic Finance programs and plans to customers across the UAE and the Middle East. The organization has been active and operating for over 17 years, providing financial services to small businesses, giant corporations, and entrepreneurs in the UAE.

Emaar Malls

Emaar Malls is a subsidiary of Emaar Properties Group. The company develops properties, including hotels, restaurants, hospitality centers, leisure establishments, retail stores, and shopping malls. The company’s notable projects include Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek Harbor, Dubai Downtown, and Dubai Mina Rashid.

First Abu Dhabi Bank

Abu Dhabi Bank is a profitable organization and the most famous financial institution in the United Arab Emirates. It is an integral part of the Gulf Cooperation Council and has an extensive network within the UAE and other countries across the U.S, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Final Words

The United Arab Emirates is a commercial and business hub in the Middle East. Thanks to its friendly business policies, the country has experienced rapid development and prosperity in recent years. These companies are the largest in the country, offering state-of-the-art services to their customers. Until Next Time!

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Top 10 Tech Companies in the UAE

What are the top ten tech companies in the UAE? What services do they offer, and what features make them unique? Read Details Here!

Tech Companies in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates has invested in developing and implementing top-notch technology infrastructure, contributing to IT and scientific innovations. There are hundreds of tech companies in the UAE. However, today’s article will list the country’s top ten IT or tech businesses. Read on!

1. Appetite Creative Solutions

Appetite Creative Solutions is one of the most popular tech companies in the UAE, offering digital services to businesses of all types and sizes. The company’s innovative solutions connect brands to their target audiences.

In addition, it has a team of qualified professionals specializing in cutting-edge technology products or services to ensure businesses understand their audiences, streamline marketing activities, and improve consumer communications.

2. Code Wave Technologies

Code Wave Technologies offers digital transformation services to businesses throughout the Middle East. Hundreds of companies, including enterprises, startups, small-medium businesses, and entrepreneurs, use Code Wave services.

The company provides scalable and reliable web and smartphone applications, allowing businesses to leverage solutions based on artificial intelligence, cloud technology, data science and analytics, and software to improve their operations.

3. Hello Pixels

Hello-Pixels is another digital service agency in the United Arab Emirates, offering performance-driven development, search engine optimization, and digital marketing services to improve your online presence and make your company stand out from the competition.

Hello-Pixels has a team of qualified and experienced IT professionals who perform extensive research, analysis, and implementation of cutting-edge techniques and tools to develop innovative digital solutions for businesses across industries.

4. Web Sailors

Web Sailors is a professional digital service provider in the UAE, offering standard solutions for companies to overcome complex issues. It provides web and mobile systems, including software applications and secure encryption.

The company has over seven years of experience with offices in North America, Asia, and Europe. However, its headquarters is located in the UAE. It has a team of professionals who have gained a reputation by streamlining project management solutions to companies in finance, information security, solar energy, banking, and other industries.

5. DX Minds

DX Minds offers innovative digital products, services, and solutions to ensure companies streamline their managerial, organizational, financial, and marketing processes. It provides tailored and agile solutions for each of its clients.

DX Minds’ digital solutions increase efficiency and productivity, allowing companies to perform better resource management, ensure agility, and improve customer engagement activities.

6. Yellow Branding

Yellow Branding is a Dubai-based digital service provider that allows businesses to improve digital collaboration, transformation, and reputation-building processes. Hiring Yellow Branding services is directly proportional to making your business thrive with an excellent reputation and higher investment returns. The company also helps entrepreneurs to start, run, and grow their brands.

7. E Direct

E Direct provides tailored, user-oriented, and innovative digital solutions to businesses across the UAE. The company follows a bespoke, cutting-edge, and evidence-based approach to help companies streamline their online and social media marketing strategies. It offers branding, SEO, PPC, web design, development, and social media management services.

8. The Nine Hertz

The Nine Hertz is one of the most reputable and fastest-growing digital service providers in the UAE, offering web and mobile application development services. The tailored solutions allow businesses to develop innovative products, achieve minimal viable products (MVPs), optimize marketing strategies, and address short-term and long-term challenges while providing value to their customers.

9. IIH Global

IIH Global has been operating in the UAE for over eight years, offering software development and maintenance services. It has built a solid reputation among local and international clients. Today, the company’s products and services are used by various companies in the UAE, India, China, the UK, and other countries.

The software development agency has expertise in developing applications in different languages and platforms, including NodeJS, AngularJS, Core PHP, WordPress, Android, iOS, Java, C++, Python, etc.

10. Web Clues Infotech

Web Clues Infotech offers all-inclusive technology solutions to businesses in various industries. It has a team of qualified, skilled, and experienced IT professionals that creates intuitive and user-friendly web and mobile applications.

The company also provides its clients with search engine optimization, digital marketing, social media management, and local SEO services, allowing them to improve their online presence, reach their target audiences, and improve their businesses’ bottom lines.

Final Words

The UAE’s government has substantially transformed the country into a technology hub. Thanks to its business-friendly policies, entrepreneurs and business people set up and run successful tech companies. Until Next Time!

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How to start a business in UAE

Starting a business in the UAE is daunting. However, these steps/tips can help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals!

How to start a business in UAE

UAE offers entrepreneurs and business owners a wide range of benefits, including zero percent income tax. It is one of the most strategic locations in the Middle East to start a business, build a brand reputation, increase profits, and live your dream life. However, starting a business in the UAE requires a step-by-step procedure. Today’s article will highlight the steps to creating a lucrative business in the UAE.

Validate Your Business Idea

Idea validation is the first and most important step in starting a UAE business. In other words, it is about choosing a specific industry and narrowing down your search results to select a niche that best fits your requirements.

Most people go wrong thinking that developing an idea is unnecessary. However, Tarek Riman, a professional entrepreneur, says that creating a vision, choosing a specific niche, and validating the business concept is critical.

The purpose is to turn your unique idea into a practical business and offer solutions to your target audience to address their concerns and needs. Therefore, you must decide on your company’s activities.

There are thousands of activities to choose from, but selecting the most appropriate one means the idea, niche, or industry aligns with your business goals. So, before you apply for a business license in the UAE, come up with an idea and validate it to move forward.

Choose Your Company’s Name

Once you have outlined a business niche or industry, the next step is to choose your company or business name. There are numerous things or factors to consider when choosing a name for your business in the UAE.

Remember, UAE has strict laws and regulations, meaning you have to choose a name that does not violate the rules. You can hire a business expert to help you with the company name if you find it challenging to select the most appropriate name for your organization.

Choose a Free Zone or Mainland

You have two choices in the UAE when choosing a location for your company. Before applying for the business license, decide on your business location. Do you want to operate your company in a free zone or on the mainland?

For example, the UAE has several free zones, such as Fujairah Creative City, offering a wide range of business incorporation or implementation benefits. It supports business development and offers financial incentives, such as zero currency restrictions and taxation exemptions.

In contrast, mainland business enables entrepreneurs to trade directly with the markets in the United Arab Emirates. Mainland business allows you to leverage government contracts compared to the free zone. Choosing a free zone or mainland business depends on your unique needs or requirements.

Obtain a Business License

Obtaining a license for your company is a more streamlined process for free zone and mainland businesses. You can apply for a business license at the Department of Economic Development. On the other hand, you can submit the application at the Municipality in the Emirate when setting up your business.

It takes around three to four weeks for the department to entertain and issue a business license. Apply to the relevant authority if you want to set up a business in the free zone. You can get the permit in a few days! Complete the form and attach your passport copy with color-size photos when submitting your application.

Open a Business Bank Account

The United Arab Emirates has strict money laundering rules and regulations, making it challenging for foreign entrepreneurs to access banking facilities. However, Tarek Riman recommends hiring a financial expert to help you streamline the entire process by opening a business bank account.

A professional company formation agent has an extensive network with local and international banks and ensures you open and maintain a business bank account in the UAE without hassle. A bank account is critical to streamlining your business financial processes, including expenses, revenues, and profits.

Final Words

The UAE is one of the best places in the Middle East to start and run a successful business. Although you have to follow a step-by-step approach when setting up and legalizing your company, it is worth your efforts. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

10 best-paying jobs in the UAE

What is the best-paying job in the UAE? Why are these jobs in demand? Check out this post to get the list and details of each position!

10 best-paying jobs in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates has a population of ten million and a 3% unemployment rate, making it one of the most sought-after countries for jobs. The UAE has experienced rapid growth in various industries, driving people from different countries to find and land their dream jobs. Today’s article will highlight the ten best-paying jobs in the UAE. Read on!

1. Surgeon

The United Arab Emirates has numerous governmental healthcare facilities and private clinics, demanding doctors, surgeons, and nurses. The healthcare field in the UAE is a competitive industry, and candidates looking for surgeon positions must have extensive knowledge, years of experience, and appropriate licensures.

The average annual salary of a surgeon in the UAE is between AED 950,000 and AED 980,000. Bear in mind that you must have basic Arabic knowledge to communicate with people, including hospital staff and patients.

2. Lawyer

The average annual salary of a lawyer in the UAE is between AED 660,000 and AED 670,000. Lawyers and attorneys are in high demand in the United Arab Emirates, particularly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, because these two cities are financial capitals of the country.

To land your dream job, ensure you have extensive knowledge of the UAE judicial and justice system. Fluency in Arabic is a prerequisite for landing a job in a law firm.

3. Chief Executive Officer

A chief executive officer, also known as CEO, earns an average salary between AED 500,000 and AED 600,000. It is one of the market’s highest-ranking job positions and holds a significant value in an organization.

Candidates with years of experience and skills in managing an organization will leverage prestige, handsome salaries, and substantial bonuses. The primary responsibility of a CEO is to set goals, improve a company’s performance, and generate higher returns on investments.

4. Bank Manager

A bank manager earns an average salary between AED 600,000 and AED 650,000. The UAE has a booming financial sector with hundreds of job opportunities. A bank manager is one of the highest-paying roles in the UAE.

So, you can leverage the job if you have a degree in finance, accounting, marketing, or business and five to eight years of experience in the field. However, it would help if you had fluency in Arabic to stand out from other candidates applying for a bank manager position.

5. Chief Financial Officer

A chief financial officer, also known as CFO, is another highest-paying job in the UAE. The demand for CFOs has increased in the UAE because companies need these professionals to oversee and manage their finances. The annual average salary of a CFO in the UAE is between AED 500,000 and AED 550,000.

6. Pilot

Dubai has become an important hub for international travel. Several airline companies, including Emirates Airlines, operate long-distance flights from UAE to Asia, Africa, North America, Europe, Australia, and South America.

So, if you have enough experience, you can apply for a job in the aviation industry. The average annual salary of a pilot working in the UAE airline company is between AED 380,000 and AED 400,000.

7. HR Consultant/Manager

HR consultants and managers are in high demand in the UAE. Many industries across UAE look for professional HR managers to find and recruit the best talent to improve their business’s bottom line. The average monthly salary of an HR manager, according to PayScale, is between AED 18,000 and AED 25,000.

8. Data Scientist

Technology has become an integral component of all organizations in the UAE. A company that wants to stand out from the competition makes its decision based on data analysis. However, this requires the organization to hire a data scientist.

So this is another high-paying job in the UAE, with a monthly average salary between AED 17,000 and AED 50,000. Remember, the pay varies from company to company and is primarily based on your experience and skills.

9. IT Manager

Technology is the most prominent industry in the United Arab Emirates. Thousands of people travel to the UAE to find career opportunities in this industry. When you become an IT manager, you will manage projects, such as software design, development, testing, and maintenance. The average monthly salary of an IT Manager in the United Arab Emirates is between AED 17,000 and AED 52,000.

10. Engineers

Engineering is another high-paying job In the UAE. The most in-demand engineering jobs in the UAE are petroleum, Mechanical, Artificial Intelligence, Data, Civil, and software engineers.

Final Words

The UAE is one of the best countries to find your dream job, thanks to its rapid growth in almost all industries. However, these are the top ten highest-paying careers in the UAE. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

Best finance startups in the UAE

Do you want to know about the best finance startups in the UAE? If yes, this article is for you. Check this post to read the details of each startup!

Best finance startups in the UAE

Financial startups, including Fintech companies, are growing throughout the World. A report published by the IBS intelligence shows that the United Arab Emirate is home to the Middle East’s 50% of finance companies, including fintech startups. Today’s article will discuss the best finance startups and their services in the UAE. Read on!

IC Markets

IC Markets has quickly gained popularity in the Middle East. It is a finance and fintech company that offers the best online retail trading platform. People can trade currencies, commodities, stocks, bonds, futures, and digital assets.

In addition, IC Markets provides its clients and members with advanced trading platforms that ensure the highest liquidity and low latency connectivity. The company has a team of professionals with experience in CFD, Forex, and Equity Markets.


Ziina is a UAE-based financial startup that offers technology services for individuals and businesses to perform P2P payments. Ziina has recently introduced a cutting-edge smartphone application with banking-grade security protocols, including data protection with end-to-end encryption methods.

Ziina provides a digital solution to streamline your financial payments between families, friends, and businesses. It prevents you from carrying cash and reduces the risk of theft. The application is available on Android and iOS platforms, allowing UAE residents to optimize their finances.


Tabby is another fintech startup in the UAE. Located in Dubai, Tabby offers its clients flexible online and offline payment platforms. Although the company was founded in 2019, it has quickly gained popularity throughout the Middle East.

It offers services to retailers, allowing them to leverage in-store and online payment processing. More than 500 merchants in the UAE use Tabby’s financial services, including the brands like Toys R US, Ace Hardware, IKEA, and AI Futtaim Group.

Mamo Pay

Mamo Pay is another financial startup founded in 2019. It is a Dubai-based company that offers P2P payment platforms via cutting-edge apps. The financial startup also provides fintech services to make funds transfers and payments easier using email addresses and phone numbers.

The purpose is to streamline the conventional process and data for banks and other financial institutions. The startup has raised more than $1.5 million from GFC with participation from Venture Souq, Dubai Angel Investors, and MSA Capital.


QPS stands for Que Processing Services, a startup that offers the most innovative card issuing and processor applications or platforms in the UAE. The company has become the pioneer of cutting-edge technology and innovation in the business world, enabling companies to leverage its financial services.

QPS has partnered with world financial leaders, including Trend Micro, Sify, Mastercard, Thales, Rupay, VISA, and other companies. In addition, it provides top-notch delivery services through Open API CMS systems.

Final Words

Financial companies make the UAE industry’s economic system efficient, reliable, and fast. According to Investment Monitor, the monetary or fintech market in the UAE will reach a whopping $2.5 billion by the end of 2022. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

Top 10 largest employers in the UAE

What are the top ten largest employers of companies in the UAE? Check out this post to get the list and services each company offers!

10 largest employers in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates offers a favorable business environment for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and giant corporations. It has state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities with professional expertise and friendly policies.

The business support is personalized services to help you stand out from companies in other countries. According to the World Bank, the UAE ranks among the top 20 countries for ease of doing business. Today’s article will list the top ten largest employers! Read on!

1. Chalhoub Group

The Chalhoub Group is one of the biggest companies in the UAE. It is the oldest company in the UAE, operating for over five decades. Chalhoub Group offers retail, marketing, and distribution services in the UAE.

It has become a prominent player in the Middle East’s fashion, beauty, and gift sectors. The company has made substantial efforts to develop various brands in the Middle East, offering superior-quality products and excellence to its partners.

2. Azadea Group

Azadea Group is a prominent retail company, owning and operating over fifty international franchises in the UAE and other Middle East countries. The company started its operations in 1978, and since then, it has expanded rapidly.

In addition, Azadea Group has hundreds of stores in various niches and industries, including food and beverage, fashion and accessories, sporting goods, home furnishings, multimedia, and beauty and cosmetics.

3. Atkins

Atkins is the world’s most respected and renowned company with expended business operations in the Middle East. The UAE-based company offers design, engineering, and project management services.

Besides, Atkins has built long-term relationships with the world’s famous brands, allowing them to streamline their business operations. It offers cost and risk planning, logistic and feasibility studies, project management, and stakeholder engagement services to ensure its clients achieve their business objectives.

4. Nestle Middle East

Nestle Middle East is one of the largest companies, offering health, wellness, and nutrition products. The company aims to enhance people’s lives in the Middle East by making its brand healthier, tastier, and of higher quality.

Nestle has started various programs in the UAE, including long-term sustainability and eco-friendly projects, to provide its customers with healthy products. The purpose is to create sustainable solutions for UAE customers, communities, employees, and shareholders.

5. Alshaya Co

Alshaya Co. is a global franchise operator with an extensive network in the UAE. It runs franchises of international brands, including H&M, Mother Care, American Eagle Outfitters, Chang’s, Debenhams, etc. The company has partnered with over 70 most recognized and reputable retail brands.

6. Al Tayer Group

Al Tayer Group has been operating in the UAE for more than four decades with an extensive portfolio of various industries, including real estate, hospitality, automotive, travel, engineering, contracting, medical facilities, etc. It has helped different businesses to succeed, build trust, passion, relationships, and higher ROIs.

7. Gulf Marketing Group

Gulf Marketing Group is one of the most reputable businesses in the UAE. It has been operating in the Middle East for over four decades, offering various services to various industries. Gulf Marketing Group has seven business divisions: Consumer, Healthcare, sports, living, logistics, education, and services.

8. G4S

G4S is UAE’s leading security service provider. The company has customers in over 110 countries, including the UAE. It offers numerous services and solutions for companies to strengthen their physical and cybersecurity. The multi-million dollar company has gained a reputation in the UAE, and hundreds of businesses across the country use its services.

9. Tiger Group

Tiger Group has been operating in the UAE since 1976. It aims to streamline business development in the UAE, offering real estate, construction, project management, education, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, tourism, and other services in the UAE.

10.Xerox Emirates

The Xerox Emirates has an extensive portfolio of brands, products, and services, including laser, solid ink, and digital printing systems. It offers digital press and multifunction equipment, tools, and devices. In addition, it provides technology solutions to its clients to share information and transform their business operations, making them more efficient, secure, and cost-effective.

Final Words

The United Arab Emirates is home to some of the biggest companies and brands. The government makes substantial efforts to improve the business ecosystem by providing companies of all types and sizes to leverage policies, infrastructure, support, and services. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

Top 10 UAE Entrepreneurs

What are the top ten entrepreneurs in the UAE? What companies do they own, and why are they famous? Check out this post to get the list!

Best UAE Entrepreneurs

The UAE is one of the top-ranking countries for starting and running a successful business. According to Global Entrepreneurship Index, it is the best country for entrepreneurs due to the education, skills, opportunities, and access to corporate and financial support. Here are the top ten UAE entrepreneurs. Read on!

1. Abdelaziz Al Loughani

Abdelaziz Al Loughani is the founder and CEO of Floward, an online flower and gifting platform. Al Loughani started the company in 2017, and it aims to redefine “sending flowers and gifts” to make it more enjoyable. The company operates in the $4 billion GCC flower market and has over 600,000 customers across 36 cities in the MENA region.

2. Abdulla Elyas

Abdulla Elyas is another successful entrepreneur in the UAE running a car booking app called Careem. Since its launch, Careem has established successful operations in over 13 countries and 80 cities, including UAE, Turkey, and Pakistan.

3 Abhishek Shah

Abhishek Shah is the owner and CEO of RSA, a company that offers state-of-the-art and multimodal transport channels, allowing them to leverage a full spectrum of logistic services, including storage, warehousing, packaging, and shipping.

4. Adam McEwan

Adam McEwan is the CEO of Platinum Heritage, a company that offers desert tourism services in the UAE. The company has won three World Travel Awards for providing outstanding services to customers. McEwan also launched the First Hot-Air Balloon services in the UAE in 2016.

5. Ambreen Musa

Ambreen Musa is the top-ranking woman entrepreneur in the UAE. She is the founder and CEO of Musa received her MBA from INSEAD and has a bachelor’s degree in information systems from RMIT University. Souqalmal offers financial services, including credit cards, mortgages, car loans, and bank account opening and maintaining platforms across UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

6. Ahmed Fraz

Ahmed Fraz is an electronic engineer who loves coffee, sushi, and entrepreneurship. Fraz is the owner and CEO of Wavetec, a company that offers physical space and time optimization services. More than three million people in 76 countries use Wavetec management technology, including ticket dispenser kiosks, ticketing apps, voice announcement systems, and digital signages.

7. Andres Arenas

Andres Arenas is the founder and chief operating officer of Kitopi, a Dubai-based company that offers a network of interconnected kitchens, including cloud kitchens, to ensure efficient, appropriate, and safe cooking and delivery of food products.

8. Dana Liparts

Dana Liparts is the director of Eco Coast, a state-of-the-art marine service that focuses on resolving coastal and marine issues. The company has developed innovative solutions under the leadership of Dana Liparts for the marine industry to streamline its operations and make them more durable, eco-friendly, and sustainable.

9. Daniil Barkalov

Daniil Barkalov is a software engineer and developer who worked at top positions in Lamoda, a Russian fashion eCommerce retailer. However, Barkalov moved to the UAE to start Tabby, a licensed Fintech company that provides BNPL or buy now pay later solutions across the Gulf region.

10. Dana Baki

Dana Baki has degrees in English and Economics from Michigan University. Baki has spent more than seven years developing, branding, and marketing corporate strategies for Procter & Gamble. Today, Baki runs her company known as “Lunch: ON,” offering customer data and maps to help food companies curate a daily menu for office workers and improve delivery services for local restaurants in the UAE.

Final Words

Thanks to its friendly business policies and diverse opportunities, the UAE has become one of the most prominent hubs for entrepreneurs. Although hundreds of entrepreneurs are in the UAE, these ten best entrepreneurs have earned a name for themselves with hard work and innovative products. Until Next Time!

Top 10 in-demand tech jobs in UAE

Top 10 in-demand tech jobs in UAE

The need for information technology (IT) and advanced software engineering/development was always in demand. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has increased the significance of technology because most companies worldwide have insatiable needs.

The United Arab Emirates is not only a tourism hub but a commercial and industrial center of the Middle East. The diverse population and versatile talents working in the UAE have driven its economy and put it in the right direction. The UAE has become a technology leader in the Middle East.

Research shows that the UAE industry experienced a 61% growth in technology-related hirings for the last two years. The figure will increase in the coming years. Today’s article will list the top ten in-demand jobs in the UAE. Read on!

1. Cloud Architect

The cloud computing industry has seen rapid growth in the past few years. As the cloud computing industry in the UAE advances, there are increasing job opportunities for cloud experts, including cloud architects.

The UAE has tens of hundreds of IT companies with increasing demand for cloud architects. You can work within various industries and companies to develop and maintain cloud platforms.

2. Network Architect

Recent reports show that computer architect jobs will grow 5% between 2022 and 2030. Although 5% seems less, it is still reasonable compared to other employments in the UAE. There are thousands of openings for computer network architects in the UAE.

3. DevOps Engineer

The demand for DevOps engineers has increased in the UAE market for the last five years. Because most companies in the UAE have implemented cloud platforms, they need professional, experienced, and skilled DevOps engineers. You will oversee the code releases and implement software systems to analyze companies’ data.

4. Project Manager

Project managers are in high demand in the UAE due to the increasing number of companies focusing on IT projects to streamline their business processes. The average monthly salary of a project manager in the UAE is between AED 41,000 and AED 45,000.

5. Software Engineer

Software engineers have always been in demand worldwide in the 21st century. The UAE has become a technology hub in the Middle East and Asia, and many companies in the western hemisphere outsource their projects to firms in the UAE.

The demand for software engineers, developers, and coders has skyrocketed in recent years, particularly during the pandemic. The primary reason behind this is the rapid emergence of IT startups and the inflow of giant tech corporations, making UAE cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi their headquarters.

6.    Machine Learning Engineer

According to Salary Expert, a reputable online site for salary analysis, the average salary of a machine learning (ML) engineer is between AED 3,36,877 per year. However, when you have over ten years of experience, you can expect a salary above AED 4,20,000.

7. Data Scientist

Analyzing massive volumes of data to generate valuable insights have become daunting and time-consuming for businesses, primarily when they use manual methods. Therefore, giant tech companies and startups in the UAE hire data scientists. The average monthly salary of a data scientist in the UAE is between AED 30,000 and AED 45,000.

8. Business Intelligence Analysts

Business intelligence analysts are also in the race as data scientists, analysts, software engineers, and cloud experts. The number of employment opportunities for intelligence analysts has increased in the last decade, and the demand will increase in the coming years. The salary is between AED 250,000 and 300,000 per year.

9. Cyber Security Specialist

A recent report by Glass-Hour highlights that the average salary of a cyber security engineer is between AED 377,000 and 400,000 per year in the UAE. Cybersecurity has become an integral component of a business’s overall strategy, and companies need specialists to protect and maintain their confidential data from cyber threats and hackers.

10. Data Engineer

Like data scientists, data engineers are in demand in the UAE. Data engineers work together with data scientists to develop a sophisticated strategy for a business and streamline the company’s data storage, networking, access, and security. The average salary of a data engineer with 1-2 years of experience is between AED 126,000 and AED 250,000 per year.

Final Words

Do you want to start a career in tech or IT? If yes, UAE is the best place to find a high-paying job and build a successful career. From software development to networking to data science to cyber security, you can’t go wrong with employment opportunities in the UAE. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

Best Web Development & Digital Marketing Agency in the Gulf Region

Do you want to improve your website’s design? Are you looking to boost your digital marketing outcomes? If yes, here is the best agency to hire!

Best Web Development & Digital Marketing Agency in the Gulf Region

Website is one of the most valuable assets for business owners. A well-designed site accurately represents your business/brand and speaks to your target audience/customers. It is the primary platform to generate sales and higher returns on investments (ROIs).

However, building an efficient website is challenging, as it requires thorough research and seamless integration of design and marketing. If you want to design or redesign your site, working with the best web agency in the Gulf is crucial.

In addition, hiring a digital marketing agency can create a sophisticated digital strategy. The purpose is to bring your strengths to the table that other companies can’t offer. A digital marketing agency can improve your operations, allowing you to provide your customers with the best service.

In addition to saving money and time, a digital marketing agency can track performance, generate reports, and hold regular meetings to ensure everything goes well and according to your requirements.

So, if you are looking for the best web development and digital marketing agency in Gulf, you are reading the right post. Riman Agency is a reputable agency with years of experience creating and maintaining a successful digital strategy. Read on!

Customized Web Design and Development

Creating an online presence does not mean building a website and waiting for people to visit it and browse your brand, products, or services. According to Tarek Riman, the owner of Riman Agency, a website is a company’s online foundation and serves as its primary customer touchpoint.

In other words, it is a conversion machine. Research shows that web design and development influence 94% of first customer impressions. Google favors sites with a user-friendly and responsive design with well-structured content. Besides, 75% of website credibility depends on a webpage design.

So, as a business owner, it is crucial to focus on Google and other search engines and understand the preferences of your target audience. A responsive design can appeal to Google and online users because it convinces your target audience that you have a legit business.

On the other hand, you risk losing the trust of your target audience and preventing them from engaging with your content, products, and services. Investing in a responsive design and fast-loading website design can build confidence and trust in your brand offerings.

Riman agency provides responsive, fast, custom, and SEO-friendly web design/development services to boost your Google rankings, improve your digital presence, and convert website visitors into high-paying and loyal customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In addition to web design and development, Riman Agency offers search engine optimization services. The company offers comprehensive SEO principles and methodology. It does not leave our clients clueless by using technical terms and jargon.

Riman Agency has a team of experts who work collaboratively and together with its clients to ensure they understand the approach. Besides, the agency walks you through the entire process, from site audits and keyword research to linking buildings.

According to Tarek Riman, the CEO of Riman Agency, I believe in transparency in every step of search engine optimization. So, Riman Agency’s services include detailed reports and regular updates to clients.

Similarly, the agency keeps its clients in the loop to ensure they understand the SEO campaign progress, from keyword research and rankings to site traffic to the overall performance of campaigns.

Keyword Research

Riman Agency’s SEO specialists perform thorough keyword research to understand your company’s needs. It provides the most sophisticated strategies to increase your site rankings on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. Professionals at Riman Agency use advanced, cutting-edge tools to find the best keywords that align with your business.

On-Page SEO

Riman Agency SEO specialists have vast experience generating traffic to boost website rankings. The company has a team of SEO specialists that use comprehensive and competitive SEO methodologies to help clients grow their lead generation, increase sales, and generate higher ROIs. Riman Agency’s SEO specialists can get the job done well and increase your site’s rankings from titles, headers, sub-headers, and Meta-description to tags.

Local SEO

A small business can’t thrive in the market without local SEO. So, if you need a strategy customized for your specific needs, Riman Agency is the ultimate solution in Gulf. The agency has a dedicated team of SEO consultants to develop and maintain local SEO campaigns. The company focuses on boosting your business listings in SERPs, reaching your target audience, and increasing sales in no time.

Link Building

Link building is an integral part of SEO for businesses. Riman Agency’s SEO team has years of experience overseeing SEO campaigns, using sophisticated link-building strategies to help companies generate more traffic, build reputation, and establish a digital presence across search engines, including Google and Bing.

Technical SEO

Riman Agency provides technical SEO services throughout the Gulf region. The company’s professional experience team can fine-tune the details to enhance your website’s functionality, scalability, and performance. The purpose is to create a solid digital foundation.

Analytics, CRO, and User Flow

Riman Agency uses advanced analytics tools to improve lead generation. The agency’s team has extensive knowledge of the latest analytics tools to generate insights required for optimizing advertising and targeting high-pay customers.

Bear in mind that better lead generation is directly proportional to more sales and increased ROIs. The team provides insights into customer preferences and behavior, allowing you to make more informed decisions and achieve your goals.

In addition, the team knows how to leverage data, understand customers’ behavior, gain insights into the competition, and make optimal decisions to achieve a better product-market fit for your business.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) offered by Riman Agency is the best service in Gulf to minimize your customer acquisition costs, generate more value from website visitors, and optimize conversion rates. As a result, the team can help you increase revenue per site visitor, acquire more customers, and improve your business operations.

User flows play a critical role in communicating design to businesses, stakeholders, developers, and managers. Riman Agency’s team avoids technical jargon, opinions, or getting lost in features. On the other hand, the professional team provides a bird’s eye view of your company’s products or services.

The agency selects a success metric, prioritizes primary use cases, walks the user flow, focuses on user expectations, evaluates usability heuristics, analyzes user flows, evaluates the overall structure, and improves data to help you achieve your goals.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Research studies show that 81% of people use Google or other search engines to perform an online search. Consumers spend an average of 79 days gathering product or service information before deciding to purchase products/services.

It means most online users and consumers have higher purchase intents. Riman Agency offers search engine marketing (SEM) and advertising to connect your business with high-conversion leads/customers and increase ROIs.

The agency’s SEM advertising allows companies to take advantage of consumers’ behavior and position their ads accurately. The purpose is to ensure customers find your brand offering, products, or services easily.

The agency offers PPC advertising strategies and methodologies to increase your site’s online visibility and improve its position in SERPs. As a result, you can reach customers at every stage of the purchasing cycle.

Riman Agency’s marketing specialists bid on keywords to optimize your advertising performance, improve the Quality Score, and generate more traffic. It also brings more conversions to your website’s landing pages.

Keyword Analysis

Riman Agency’s SEM services use advanced keyword tools to identify search terms with higher performance scores and eliminate keywords that do not align with your business. The purpose is to choose relevant keywords and create an efficient and cost-effective SEM strategy.

Ads Creation

Once the team has identified the target keywords, it crafts text-based ads to display in SERPs and links them to your website’s landing page. The primary goal is to capture consumers’ initial search intent and move them to the sales funnel.


Tracking is an integral part of the SEM strategy developed by Riman Agency’s digital marketing team. The purpose is to understand the strategy’s effectiveness and reliability. The digital marketing team runs a lead-tracking report to analyze and understand if Google and other search engines support your business website conversions.


Riman Agency can optimize well-designed landing pages and paid search marketing ads. It aims to create a solid Google strategy to launch your PPC search locations, networks, languages, and devices to optimize your ads.


Riman Agency’s digital marketing team uses campaigning tools to measure your search engine marketing success. The company tracks and evaluates KPIs, including Quality Score, CTR, search impression share, and cost per conversion. Results obtained via analytics ensure the optimization of your next paid marketing campaigns and the generation of higher conversions.

Final Words

Choosing the best digital marketing agency in the Gulf Region is a daunting and time-consuming task, especially for small businesses with limited budgets. However, you can avoid the hassle and streamline your web design and marketing activities by hiring Riman Agency. Until Next Time! 

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

10 Reasons to Work in UAE

Do you want to live a happy life and pursue a prosperous professional career? If yes, here are the top reasons to live and work in the UAE. Read here!

Reasons to Work in UAE

UAE has become one of the best countries in the world for job seekers. Hundreds of companies, including giant corporations, have their facilities in UAE. That’s why people from different countries move to this beautiful city and pursue their dreams. Here are the top ten reasons to work in UAE.

1.    Best Standard of Living

The standard of living and lifestyle allows people to make their dreams come true. The country has a world-class standard of living, and the best infrastructure, luring everyone toward it, and living in the UAE comes on their wish list. For instance, you can visit multiple recreational areas and enjoy the nightlife in big cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi after a hectic work schedule.

2.    Serene/Warm Weather

Another reason people want to work in the UAE is the calm weather. The weather remains pleasant for 9-10 months a year, allowing people to enjoy their lives. The country has a smoke-free environment, particularly in large cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In addition, beaches in the UAE are a perfect way to relish weekend fun. The weather becomes warmer during the summer. However, the good news is that you can enjoy a wide range of indoor activities.

3.    Employment Opportunities

UAE has some of the world’s best companies and corporations, offering handsome salaries and employees benefits. At the same time, most people visiting Dubai apply for different jobs and enroll in one of their favorite roles. Fewer countries offer such fantastic opportunities.

4.    World-Class Security

UAE is one of the safest countries in the world. Although the Arab World has been experiencing chaos, UAE is different. The corruption, crime, and violence rates are near to non-existent. The security services by the government are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. So, you can live and work in the UAE peacefully.

5.    Year-Round Events

UAE is one of the countries in the world that never sleeps. More than 180 nationalities in the UAE and people from different ethnicities and cultural groups celebrate their festivals and cultural events throughout the year. So, you will have the opportunity to experience multiple cultures and enjoy the diversity.

6.    Sports Exhibitions

People living and working in the UAE are fans of sports and games. The country offers its residents various sports opportunities and exhibitions throughout the year. The UAE government arranges mega sports events, including football, cricket, rugby, horse racing, tennis, golf, etc., making it the best country for you to enjoy sporting events.

7.    Shopping Paradise

The UAE has hundreds of shopping malls and centers with world-class facilities. For example, if you want to have fun, you can visit the Dubai Mall. At the same time, you can explore the traditional souks and bazaars in numerous regions of the UAE. From traditional items to branded products, the UAE has everything.

8.    Multi-Cultural Environment

A multi-cultural environment is another reason you want to live and work in the UAE. People living in the UAE are from different countries. It means you will come across varied-natured and literate people. Most people living in Abu Dhabi and Dubai have cosmopolitan thinking. So, you will find Asians, Europeans, South Americans, Africans, and even people from Oceana.

9.    Quality Healthcare

The UAE government has made substantial efforts to provide its residents with quality care. Similarly, there are numerous hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers in the UAE, particularly the big cities like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai. In addition to hospitals, you will find homeopathic, Ayurveda, acupuncture, and allopathic facilities.

10. No Taxes

Last but not least, no taxes in the UAE means your hard-earned money will go into your pocket. That’s one of the biggest reasons everyone wants to live and work in the UAE. You can add more luxury and fun to your life when you save money. A tax-free nation is what everyone pursues, meaning nothing is better than the UAE to stabilize your financial endeavors.

Final Words

The UAE is one of the best countries in the Middle East, offering immense employment opportunities and the highest standard of living to people working here. So, if you want to get the most out of your life and live happily, UAE is your ultimate destination.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.