Top 10 Marketing Analytics Agencies in the UAE

Top 10 Marketing Analytics Agencies in the UAE

What are the top marketing analytics agencies in the UAE? What makes them unique? Which company is the best overall? Read Details in this Post!

Top 10 Marketing Analytics Agencies in the UAE

Marketing analytics agencies study data to evaluate the performance of marketing and advertising activities. A professional marketing analytics agency in UAE applies technology processes to data, understands factors that drive consumer actions, and refines campaigns. The purpose is to generate higher investment returns.

Marketing analytics manages, and analyzes data to answer questions, determines the marketing ROIs, and identifies potential improvements. The question: what is the best marketing analytics agency in UAE? Today’s article will list the top ten companies to help you choose the one that best fits your needs. Read on!

1. Riman Agency

Riman Agency has a team of professional marketing analysts that collects and studies marketing performance data. It translates data into actional reports and intuitive dashboards, allowing businesses to understand their operations.

In addition, the company’s marketing analysts working under Tarek Riman’s leadership use attribution modeling to analyze data and decide on efficient marketing touchpoints that improve the business’s overall ROI. Riman Agency specializes in:

  • Paid media analytics
  • Earned media analytics
  • Owned media analytics

The company builds custom measurement strategies for marketing performance evaluation, manages reporting via different channels, and performs A/B tests using state-of-the-art tools.

In addition, Riman Agency analyzes test results, measures customer acquisition costs, tracks CACs and how they fluctuate from time to time and develops a strategy that improves your overall business performance in UAE.

2. Way2Smile Solutions

Way2Smile Solutions is an agile innovator and software designing company in Dubai, UAE. It offers precise marketing analytics solutions and services across the Middle East and makes efforts to meet businesses’ expectations in brand designs.

The company serves businesses of all types and sizes, including small-medium enterprises and giant corporations. It transforms your business’s digital ecosystem and customizes the agile methodology and design approach to develop a solution that aligns with your business goals.

3. Daddy Cool Technologies

Daddy Cool Technologies provides reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to businesses. It offers a mix of search, social, digital strategy, email marketing, and marketing analytics.

The company provides tailored analytics solutions for clients. It also offers product life cycle staging, digital imprinting, and market analysis to make your company stand out from the competition in UAE.

4. Pearl Data Firm

Pearl Data Firm is a marketing analytics and intelligence agency in UAE. It creates SMART solutions to elevate your company’s brand and perspective. The company uses data science to develop software and technical solutions, allowing businesses to leverage cutting-edge tools and improve their bottom line.

In addition, Pearl Data Firm uses AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze data and generate valuable insights. It puts your business data into its predictive modeling and forecasting tools and steps up your pricing with a recommendations engine for commercial success in the market.

5. Queen Tech Solutions

Queen Tech Solutions is a marketing analytics and business development company providing a wide range of services to improve your brand, generate valuable insights, and add value to your business.

It has rendered quality-assured marketing analytics solutions for over 15 years, with a portfolio of more than 300 satisfied business clients across the UAE. Not only does this company designs and develops custom software systems, but it also builds mobile apps and offers digital marketing services and marketing analytics.

6. TNS Middle East

TNS Middle East is one of UAE’s most popular marketing analytics agencies. It delivers actionable insights, research-based analytics, and business advice to clients, allowing them to make more informed decisions.

The company offers comprehensive business knowledge within the technology, consumer, finance, political, social, and automotive sectors. It supports business via a unique product that covers the entire range of business and marketing issues.

In addition, the company specializes in product development, innovation, branding, communication, stakeholder management, qualitative research, data analytics, and retail management.

7. 4Sight Research and Analytics

4Sight Research & Analytics is one of the fastest-growing marketing analytics companies in the UAE. It has grown quickly and efficiently through repeat business and investment in infrastructure and resources, showing a solid commitment to businesses by providing trusted advisory, consultancy, and analytical solutions.

Besides, 4Sight has a team of professionals who follow a thorough approach to market research and deliver tangible results to clients. The purpose is to move businesses forward in UAE and enable them to make informed and optimized decisions.

Moreover, 4Sight has a pool of talented professionals in various aspects of marketing, including insights, lead client engagement, social media strategies, etc. It has solid relationships with clients in the telecom, retail, real estate, banking, and government sectors.

8. Insight Scouts

Insight Scouts is a marketing and analytics agency in UAE. Not only does Insight Scouts offer marketing analytics services in UAE, but it also has offices in North African countries and Turkey. The company covers various markets across eastern and central Europe.

It offers businesses qualitative, quantitative, and quality control services, enabling them to evaluate their marketing performance. The company serves various industries, including healthcare, communication technology, automotive, infrastructure development, eCommerce, etc.

9. Point Marketing Consultancy

Point Marketing Consultancy offers a wide range of marketing analytics and research services. It has been in the business for more than 11 years and has offices in Dubai, Jeddah, and Muscat.

Point provides businesses with innovative solutions and a cutting-edge hybrid approach. It blends traditional methods with advanced technologies to perform market research and offers valuable insights for companies in UAE.

In addition, the company specializes in product development, shopper understanding, packaging assessment, and ethnography. The good news about this company is that its services are not limited to UAE because it offers marketing analytics solutions to businesses in South Asian, European, and African countries.

10. Focus 360 Arabia

Focus 360 Arabia is a marketing analytics and research-based consultancy company. It provides brand development and enterprise management services. Focus 360 Arabia headquarters are in Dubai, UAE. However, it also offers services to local and multinational businesses across the MENA region.

The company aims to develop a strategic partnership with clients to empower regional growth via research, corporate management, brand strategy, strategic planning, creative execution, project management, and marketing analytics.

Final Words

Marketing analytics primarily aims to measure how well a company’s marketing efforts perform. It gauges the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns, collects valuable data, and passes it through various software applications to generate insights.

Although you can choose any agency listed in this post, we recommend Riman Agency because it offers all-inclusive marketing analytics solutions for your business. Until Next Time!