10 things to do in Dubai

10 things to do in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the Arab World. If you are wondering what to do in the city, here is the list of the top ten things to do in Dubai!

10 things to do in Dubai

Dubai is home to skyscrapers, beaches, dunes, all-inclusive resorts, shopping malls, restaurants, nightlife, fine dining, watersports, and many other things. It is one of the most visited cities in the Middle East. Millions of people visit Dubai to make their dream come true. The question is: what to do in Dubai? Here is the list of the top ten things to do in Dubai. Read on!

1.    Shopping at Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is one of the best and biggest shopping centers in the Middle East. Located near Burj Khalifa in Dubai’s Downtown, Dubai Mall is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts. It hosts more than 1,300 stores and shops, offering something to everyone. Even if you don’t buy anything, Dubai Mall offers a wide range of entertainment centers and leisure activities. It is a must-visit for people of all ages.

2.    Enjoy at Jumeirah Beach

Nothing matches the serenity, tranquility, and peacefulness of Jumeriah Beach in Dubai. It is a top destination for tourists who want to connect their mind, body, and spirit, thanks to the pleasant atmosphere, white sandy beach, and a breathtaking view of Burj Al Arab in the backdrop. The place has many restaurants and shops.

3.    Relish Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab is one of the most beautiful buildings in Dubai, making it a top tourist attraction and landmark. Burj Al Arab is a seven-star all-suite and luxury hotel that offers state-of-the-art rooms, suites, fine dining restaurants, spas, and views of serene beaches from the terraces. If your budget allows, staying in Burj Al Arab is worth it.

4.    Visit Burj Khalifa for Mesmerizing Experiences

Burj Khalifa is the tallest freestanding building in the world, making it the most famous tourist destination in Dubai. The world records the highest number of building stories, state-of-the-art rooms, restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts, and observation deck are worth enjoying when visiting Burj Khalifa.

5.    Visit Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeriah Mosque welcomes people of all regions and faiths. The Sheikh Mohammad Center for Cultural Understanding conducts and organizes tours to Jumeirah Mosque. If you want to learn about Islam, Islamic rituals, holidays, traditions, customs, cuisines, and Emirati lifestyle, visiting Jumeirah Mosque is one of the best things to do in Dubai.

6.    Learn History at Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum showcases the city’s history. Visiting the museum allows you to learn about Dubai’s original heritage, learn about the local culture, explore paintings artwork, and watch multimedia presentations to see what Dubai looked like before the oil discovery. It also has galleries about traditional houses, souks, date farms, mosques, and marine life.

7.    Have Family Fun at Dolphin Bay, Dubai

If you are visiting Dubai with family or kids, make sure you have fun at Dolphin Bay, the most mesmerizing part of the Aqua venture Waterpark. Although the park has many things to offer, nothing is parallel to watching the playful dolphins. So, if you want to complete your family trip to Dubai, we recommend watching and taking photos with dolphins of Indo-Pacific origin.

8.    Explore the Bastakia Quarter

Exploring the Bastakia Quarter is an excellent way to view and familiarize yourself with Dubai’s culture. Walking the historic place allows you to learn about traditional Dubai. Make sure you visit the Majlis Gallery, Art Gallery, and other conventional buildings to learn about local culture.

9.    Embark on a Safari Expedition

Desert Safari is another reason people from different countries visit Dubai. When you embark on a Safari Expedition, you can explore villages, flora, and fauna, including bird species, reptiles, amphibians, and a wide range of carnivores.

Keep in mind that desert safari has exciting dunes to enjoy sand skiing, camel riding, and quad biking. You can also watch the mesmerizing sunset and stay for a night in traditional Arab camps.

10. Immerse Yourself in the Floral Miracle Garden, Dubai

Dubai Miracle Garden is the best place for couples and families to enjoy a world of floral wonders. It is one of the largest natural floral gardens in the world, with over 50 million blooming floors organized in various arrangements. These include shapes of aircraft, animals, trees, frames, etc. You can also eat at one of the on-site restaurants to satisfy your taste buds.

Final Words

There are hundreds of things to do and places to explore in Dubai. However, if you want to get the most out of your trip to the modern city, make sure you add these ten items to your bucket list. Until Next Time!

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