Top 10 UAE Entrepreneurs

Top 10 UAE Entrepreneurs

What are the top ten entrepreneurs in the UAE? What companies do they own, and why are they famous? Check out this post to get the list!

Best UAE Entrepreneurs

The UAE is one of the top-ranking countries for starting and running a successful business. According to Global Entrepreneurship Index, it is the best country for entrepreneurs due to the education, skills, opportunities, and access to corporate and financial support. Here are the top ten UAE entrepreneurs. Read on!

1. Abdelaziz Al Loughani

Abdelaziz Al Loughani is the founder and CEO of Floward, an online flower and gifting platform. Al Loughani started the company in 2017, and it aims to redefine “sending flowers and gifts” to make it more enjoyable. The company operates in the $4 billion GCC flower market and has over 600,000 customers across 36 cities in the MENA region.

2. Abdulla Elyas

Abdulla Elyas is another successful entrepreneur in the UAE running a car booking app called Careem. Since its launch, Careem has established successful operations in over 13 countries and 80 cities, including UAE, Turkey, and Pakistan.

3 Abhishek Shah

Abhishek Shah is the owner and CEO of RSA, a company that offers state-of-the-art and multimodal transport channels, allowing them to leverage a full spectrum of logistic services, including storage, warehousing, packaging, and shipping.

4. Adam McEwan

Adam McEwan is the CEO of Platinum Heritage, a company that offers desert tourism services in the UAE. The company has won three World Travel Awards for providing outstanding services to customers. McEwan also launched the First Hot-Air Balloon services in the UAE in 2016.

5. Ambreen Musa

Ambreen Musa is the top-ranking woman entrepreneur in the UAE. She is the founder and CEO of Musa received her MBA from INSEAD and has a bachelor’s degree in information systems from RMIT University. Souqalmal offers financial services, including credit cards, mortgages, car loans, and bank account opening and maintaining platforms across UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

6. Ahmed Fraz

Ahmed Fraz is an electronic engineer who loves coffee, sushi, and entrepreneurship. Fraz is the owner and CEO of Wavetec, a company that offers physical space and time optimization services. More than three million people in 76 countries use Wavetec management technology, including ticket dispenser kiosks, ticketing apps, voice announcement systems, and digital signages.

7. Andres Arenas

Andres Arenas is the founder and chief operating officer of Kitopi, a Dubai-based company that offers a network of interconnected kitchens, including cloud kitchens, to ensure efficient, appropriate, and safe cooking and delivery of food products.

8. Dana Liparts

Dana Liparts is the director of Eco Coast, a state-of-the-art marine service that focuses on resolving coastal and marine issues. The company has developed innovative solutions under the leadership of Dana Liparts for the marine industry to streamline its operations and make them more durable, eco-friendly, and sustainable.

9. Daniil Barkalov

Daniil Barkalov is a software engineer and developer who worked at top positions in Lamoda, a Russian fashion eCommerce retailer. However, Barkalov moved to the UAE to start Tabby, a licensed Fintech company that provides BNPL or buy now pay later solutions across the Gulf region.

10. Dana Baki

Dana Baki has degrees in English and Economics from Michigan University. Baki has spent more than seven years developing, branding, and marketing corporate strategies for Procter & Gamble. Today, Baki runs her company known as “Lunch: ON,” offering customer data and maps to help food companies curate a daily menu for office workers and improve delivery services for local restaurants in the UAE.

Final Words

Thanks to its friendly business policies and diverse opportunities, the UAE has become one of the most prominent hubs for entrepreneurs. Although hundreds of entrepreneurs are in the UAE, these ten best entrepreneurs have earned a name for themselves with hard work and innovative products. Until Next Time!