Best Sweets shops to visit in Dubai

Best Sweets shops to visit in Dubai

Are you looking for the best sweets shops to visit in Dubai? If yes, check out this post to get the ultimate list and choose a shop that best fits your needs!

Best Sweets shops to visit in Dubai

Everyone loves sweets and desserts because they are delectable, stimulating your brain to release the feel-good dopamine hormone. Although you can buy sweets and desserts in your home town, the best thing about Dubai is its multicultural environment with sweet dishes and desserts from different countries. Here are the best sweets shops to visit in Dubai. Read on!

1. SugarMoo

Stop by SugarMoo during your visit to Dubai because this place offers a wide range of sweet dishes and desserts, including fancy cakes, to satisfy your sweet tooth. SugarMoo is a reputable brand in the UAE, offering delicious sweet dishes, including classic flavors, Arabian Kunafeh, and vegan desserts.

2. Kamat Shireen

Kamat Shireen has four branches in Dubai. It is the most popular Indian dessert parlor in this beautiful city of food lovers. The shop is famous for its kaju barfi, Dharwad peda, kalakand, anjeer paak, kaju katli, and gulab Jamun.

3. Brownie Point

Brownie Point is a world-class bakery in Dubai famous for its chocolate. People from different areas of Dubai visit Brownie Point to taste the delicious chocolate. However, the shop’s cakes, brownies, cupcakes, pies, tarts, and other sweet dishes are delectable.

4. Bombay Sweet & Bakery

Another Indian shop in Dubai, Bombay Sweet & Bakery, is the most popular and oldest establishment in the Emirate. It has a curated menu with a variety of sweets, including peda, laddu, halwa, ras malai, and barfi. Bombay Sweet & Bakery also offers sugar-free desserts.

5. Billo Ice Cream

Billo Ice Cream is a beautiful shop in the Al Qusais area of Dubai. Hundreds of people visit this shop to enjoy the yummy ice cream. The shop is also famous for its Pakistani milkshakes. In addition, it offers a wide selection of meals, including western and eastern tastes.

If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth and soothe your stomach, don’t forget the eat falooda, a specialty of Billo Ice Cream. Remember, falooda is a flavorful and traditional sweet dish of Pakistan and India. You can also order online and receive your favorite items right at your doorstep.

6. Kailash Parbat

In Dubai, Kailash Parbat is another sweets shop offering the best Indian sweets with delectable flavors. The company has multiple branches throughout Dubai. However, the most widely visited one is in the Meena Bazar.

We recommend tasting Kailash Parbat’s Gulab Jamun, kulfi, and Jalebi. Although you can visit the dining eatery and enjoy the sweets in their relaxed and decorated ambiance, you can order your favorite items online. Kailash Parbat has excellent, customer-friendly, and fast delivery services.

7. Pascal Tepper French Bakery

Pascal Tepper Bakery is the epitome of sweets shops in Dubai. Located near the Palm Jumeirah, Pascal Tepper is a French bakery that offers a wide range of pastries and sweet goods. In addition to French-inspired desserts, you will love items from Belgian, English, and Italian sweets.

Don’t forget to taste Pascal Tepper’s specialists, including English Muffins, Waffles, croissants, and others. The bakery also offers brunch buffets on Fridays. It is a perfect place for couples, families, and friends to spend quality time and satisfy their taste buds with tongue-sweetening and stomach-soothing desserts.

8. Royal Sweets

Royal Sweets is a reputable shop in Dubai located in the traditional market of Meena Bazar in the Al Karama area. Royal Sweets offers a wide selection of delicacies, including sweet boondi, Bombay halwa, dry fruit sweets, and malai puff. In addition, you will love the shop’s delectable falooda.

9. Sukar House of Desserts

As the name indicates, Sukar House is the ultimate destination for desserts. Although Sukar House of Desserts is a small shop near the beach, nothing matches the delectable taste of the cakes they sell. You can choose from a wide range of flavors and textures. The staff is professional and friendly and makes substantial efforts to decorate cakes with minimalism and flavor to tickle your sweet tooth.

Final Words

Sweets and desserts are an excellent way to compensate for low blood sugar after having a delectable meal/lunch/dinner. If you want to improve your mood and get the most out of your trip to Dubai, don’t forget to visit the top ten sweets shops above.

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