THE 10 BEST Dubai Fishing Charters & Tours

THE 10 BEST Dubai Fishing Charters & Tours

Warm weather, cool breeze, aqua-blue water, professional crew, and advanced equipment will give you the best fishing experience in Dubai. Read Here!

Dubai Fishing Charters & Tours

Fishing is one of the most popular activities in Dubai. Thanks to the deep blue waters and color fish in the desert city, it is a mesmerizing and enjoyable activity. There are numerous fishing charters and tours in Dubai. However, today’s article will highlight the top ten charters and tours. Read on!

1.    King Fisher Tours

King Fisher is the most popular and reputable company for fishing tours in Dubai. If you want to catch fish in the deep sea and create memories, we recommend King Fisher Tours. The company has a professional staff with years of experience to give you the best fishing experience. With the experienced staff’s assistance, you will enjoy deep-sea fishing. The company assists people of all ages and skill levels.

2.    Champion Yachts

Champion Yachts provides families and friends with an open hand, allowing them to choose the best and most affordable packages. Each package is unique and offers luxurious experiences. You can even personalize your fishing experience with state-of-the-art gear and equipment. So, if you want a homely feeling and catch different fish species, Champion Yachts is the best company to hire in Dubai.

3.    Ocean Cruise – Al Rubban

Ocean Cruise is another company that offers the best fishing charters and tours in Dubai for adventure enthusiasts. When you are aboard the Al Rubban ocean cruise, you will have a fantastic time with your family. Captain Donabur operates the company and offers mesmerizing experiencing to everyone, thanks to his 15 years of experience.

4.    Royal Blue Coast

Royal Blue Coast is a reputable company operating in Dubai, serving tourists with life-long yacht experience at the most affordable prices. The company has state-of-the-art baits and tackles and uses advanced techniques to help you catch fish in distant areas of the Arabian Gulf.

5.    Ruslan Fishing

Ruslan Fishing offers affordable fishing charters and tours in Dubai. Captain Ruslan Hashyn runs the company and assists families, friends, couples, and others in catching fish in lakes, rivers, and the deep sea.

So, if you want to return home with an enjoyable catch, Ruslan Fishing is your go-to company. Captain Ruslan is a highly-skilled angler and shares his experience and knowledge with others. You will have fun!

6.    Deep-Sea Fishing Dubai

Deep-Sea Fishing is another company in Dubai that welcomes tourists, including families and friends, aboard for a fantastic and thrilling adventure. The local crew will guide you through the entire journey. So, head offshore to the deep waters of the Arabian Gulf and troll for a wide range of species, including Cobia, Grouper, Barracuda, Queen Fish, and Snapper.

7.    Xclusive Yachts

Xclusive Yachts is another best service in Dubai with the highest customer satisfaction rates. The company provides people with different fishing packages, including the four-hour fantastic fishing experience on its sports cruises at the most affordable price. The local crew has state-of-the-art and advanced fishing equipment.

8.    Go Fishing Tours

Go Fishing Tours is all about entertainment in the deep sea and under the sun, creating pleasant and memorable fishing experiences. It is one of the most reputable companies in Dubai and has an immense passion for fishing in the open seas. You will love the fresh ocean breeze and learn the new fishing techniques.

9.    Nanje Yachts

Nanje Yachts offer deep sea fishing in the Arabian and Persian Gulf. The company has advanced, cutting-edge equipment and guides all its customers throughout the excursion for a successful catch. If you want to explore the scenic blue waters and experience deep seas fishing, nothing is better than hiring Nanje Yachts fishing tour services in Dubai.

10. The Rose Beach Boat & Yacht Charter

Rose Beach provides its customers with memorable fishing experiences, thanks to the friendly services, top-notch equipment, step-by-step procedure, and professional fishing. Not only will you enjoy the stunning city views, but you also catch different fish species in deep blue waters.

Final Words

Fishing charters and tours in Dubai are perfect for tourists who want to enjoy in the middle of the aqua-blue water sea and catch fish. These are the ten best companies, so make sure you choose the one that best fits your needs. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.
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