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How to Make Luqaimat – UAE Food Recipes

Luqaimat is a Middle Eastern sweet dish famous in the Emirates. Families serve and eat it during Ramadan and Eid. Luqaimat is one of the easiest dessert recipes to make at home and requires a small number of ingredients. Read on!


  • One cup of all-purpose flour
  • A half teaspoon of instant yeast
  • A half cup of milk powder
  • Two tablespoons of sugar
  • A half teaspoon of cardamom powder
  • Pinch of saffron
  • 1/3 cup of lukewarm water
  • Oil for deep frying
  • A half cup of date syrup
  • One tablespoon of sesame seeds


  1. Add yeast, all-purpose flour, sugar, milk powder, cardamom, and saffron to the bowl
  2. Mix these ingredients well by slowly adding water to the ingredients
  3. Create a sticky batter and cover it with a muslin cloth
  4. Heat oil and sprinkle it over the batter
  5. Roll the dropped balls using a slotted spoon in oil for proper cooking
  6. Fry till the balls are dark golden brown
  7. Remove the balls from the oil and place them on a kitchen towel
  8. Place the dish in the serving bowl and sprinkle some drops of date syrup
  9. Sprinkle with sesame seeds
  10. Enjoy the warm dessert

How to Make Khuzi – UAE Food Recipes

Khuzi is one of the simplest, tastiest, and most delicious dishes in the Middle East. Both children and adults enjoy Khuzi. You can find this dish in various restaurants across the United Arab Emirates. However, to ensure cleanliness, we recommend making this Khuzi at home. Here are the ingredients and instructions to make Khuzi. Read on!


  • Two tablespoons of oil
  • Two tablespoons of ginger paste
  • One cup of chopped onions
  • One cup of crushed dry coconut
  • Two tablespoons of green chili paste
  • One teaspoon of salt
  • Two to three cups of Dosa or Idli batter


  1. Add two tablespoons of oil to the pot and bring to boil
  2. Now add two tablespoons of ginger paste
  3. Add chopped onions, chili paste, and crushed dry coconut
  4. Add salt to the pot and mix the ingredients
  5. Roast the mixture for five to seven minutes
  6. Take dosa or idli batter and combine it with the mixture
  7. Take a pan and add batter to it
  8. Bake it for five to seven minutes
  9. The dish is ready to serve
  10. Enjoy the delicious Khuzi

How to Make Balaleet – Arab Food Recipes

Balaleet is a Middle Eastern dish made with eggs and vermicelli. Most people eat Balaleet for breakfast, but you can also eat it for brunch or lunch. It has a crunchy, sweet, and salty taste. Here are the ingredients and step-by-step instructions to make Balaleet. Read on!


  • Six tablespoons of ghee
  • Two small shallots
  • One small onion
  • One teaspoon of kosher salt
  • 1/8 teaspoon of ground cardamom
  • Two or three cups of vermicelli
  • Two cups of boiling water
  • Large pinch of saffron threads
  • ¼ cup of sugar
  • Two large eggs
  • One cup of flat parsley leaves – chopped


  1. Heat two tablespoons of ghee in a skillet over high-medium heat
  2. Add shallots to the skillet and cook until they are golden brown
  3. Transfer the shallots to the towel-lined plate and set aside
  4. Add onions to the skillet and season with ¼ teaspoon of salt
  5. Cook until the onions are golden brown for 10-15 minutes
  6. Add cardamom and cook for 1-2 minutes
  7. Melt three tablespoons of ghee over medium heat in a skillet
  8. Add vermicelli and cook until they are golden brown
  9. Now add saffron, ¾ teaspoon of salt, and boiling water
  10. Cook and ensure the water has evaporated
  11. Stir in sugar and cook for 2-3 minutes
  12. Stir in the cooked onions and set aside
  13. Heat one tablespoon of ghee in a skillet over low heat
  14. Whisk two eggs with one tablespoon of water
  15. Add them to the skillet and season with salt
  16. Top the eggs with reserved noodles
  17. Transfer the eggs to the plate and use fried shallots for topping
  18. You can also add chopped parsley
  19. Serve and enjoy the dish

How to Make Thereed – UAE Food Recipes

Thereed is one of the most delicious traditional dishes in the Arab region with satisfying lamb and vegetable stew. Although you can find Thereed in various restaurants across the Middle East, we recommend making it home to create a memorable experience and relish the delectable lamb. Here are the ingredients and instructions to make Thereed. Read on!


  • One cup of canola oil
  • Three pounds of lamb
  • Two tablespoons of mixed spices
  • Five whole cloves
  • Two chilies
  • One large yellow onion
  • Six cloves of minced garlic
  • One four-inch minced ginger
  • One tablespoon of ground cumin
  • One teaspoon of ground black pepper
  • One teaspoon of ground cardamom
  • Four plum tomatoes
  • Two bay leaves
  • Fifteen baby Yukon potatoes
  • Two medium carrots
  • Two small zucchinis
  • Two frying peppers
  • Four 12-inch flatbread
  • Kosher salt to taste


  1. Heat oil in your Dutch oven over high or medium heat
  2. Season the lamb with mixed spices
  3. Add lamb to the pot and cook for six minutes
  4. Transfer the lamb to the plate and set aside
  5. Add chilies, cloves, and onion to the pot
  6. Cook until onion is soft for two minutes
  7. Now add pepper, cumin, cardamom, tomatoes, and bay leaves
  8. Continue stirring for two minutes to make the tomatoes soft
  9. Return the lamb to the pot
  10. Add potatoes, zucchini, carrots, peppers, and twelve cups of water
  11. Bring the boil and reduce the heat to medium-low
  12. Simmer for one or two hours
  13. Season with salt and pepper
  14. Line a serving dish with flatbread
  15. Arrange the veggies and meat over the flatbread using a slotted spoon
  16. Pour liquid is a serving bowl
  17. Enjoy the delicious Thereed

How to Make Al Machboos – UAE Food Recipes

Al Machboos is a traditional Emirati dish that crosses between risotto and biryani. Households in the UAE cook the rice in a spiced broth of chicken, beef, or lamb. At the same time, they meld the ingredients and spices to make delicious Al Machboos. Here are the ingredients and instructions to make Al Machboos.


  • Six tablespoons of plain yogurt
  • Two tablespoons of spice mix
  • 5 kilograms of chicken
  • 500 grams of basmati rice
  • 80ml of vegetable oil
  • Five cardamom pods
  • Ten black peppercorns
  • One cinnamon stick
  • Two whole cracked Lumi
  • 450 grams of chopped onions
  • One tablespoon of crushed ginger
  • One tablespoon of crushed garlic
  • Four green chilies
  • One teaspoon of turmeric
  • One teaspoon of cumin
  • One teaspoon of coriander powder
  • 285 grams of potatoes
  • Fresh coriander

For garnishing, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Three tablespoons of cooking oil
  • Two thinly sliced onions
  • 85 grams of raw cashews
  • 55 grams of raisins
  • Fresh coriander


  1. Combine four tablespoons of yogurt with one tablespoon of mixed spices in a large bowl
  2. Apply the mixture to the chicken and marinade for 60 minutes
  3. Rinse the rice and soak it in water, and cover for 60 minutes
  4. Heat the oil in the oven over medium-high heat
  5. Add cinnamon stick, peppercorns, Lumi, and cardamom pods
  6. Stir for two to five minutes
  7. Now add onions and cook until they are golden brown
  8. Next, add garlic, ginger, and green chilies and continue stirring for two minutes
  9. Add the chicken and cook for a few minutes
  10. Sprinkle some cumin, spice mix, coriander powder, and turmeric
  11. Add salt, two cups of water, and tomatoes
  12. Now bring to a boil, cover, and heat for 45 minutes on a lower heat
  13. Transfer the cooked chicken to a roasting pan
  14. Remove the Lumi and cinnamon stick from the stock
  15. Add fresh coriander and potatoes, and boil until potatoes are tender
  16. Adjust the stock with the rice and stir in some yogurt
  17. Seal the oven with aluminum foil and cook for 30 minutes
  18. Turn on the oven broiler and brush the chicken with oil and broil until it is golden
  19. Serve the rice on a plate with the chicken pieces
  20. Garnish with cashews, raisins, onions, and fresh coriander

How to Make Al Harees

Al Harees is a famous dish in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. It is a traditional Arabic recipe with chicken, whole wheat, ghee, and spices. The best thing about Al Harees is that you don’t need to soak the wheat overnight. Today’s article will list ingredients and instructions to help you make Al Harees. Read on!


  • One pound of boneless and skinless chicken pieces
  • One cup of Harees whole wheat
  • Two cups of water
  • A half cup of ghee
  • ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon powder
  • One teaspoon of roasted cumin powder
  • One tablespoon of coriander seeds
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Place the Harees, chicken, and water in a pan
  2. Cook for two hours on a low heat
  3. Stir from time to time to skim the froth
  4. Now blend the mixture with your hand
  5. You can also use a food processor
  6. The purpose is to achieve a smooth paste
  7. Transfer to a serving bowl
  8. Now, melt ghee and add cumin, cinnamon, salt, and pepper to taste
  9. Pour the mixture on the beaten porridge
  10. Use coriander seeds for garnishing

Note: Instead of boneless chicken, you can use lamb or beef to make Al Harees. We recommend using one pound of boneless beef or lamb chunks and cooking appropriately to make it tenderer. In that case, you also need to soak the wheat overnight.

Top 10 Marketing Analytics Agencies in the UAE

What are the top marketing analytics agencies in the UAE? What makes them unique? Which company is the best overall? Read Details in this Post!

Top 10 Marketing Analytics Agencies in the UAE

Marketing analytics agencies study data to evaluate the performance of marketing and advertising activities. A professional marketing analytics agency in UAE applies technology processes to data, understands factors that drive consumer actions, and refines campaigns. The purpose is to generate higher investment returns.

Marketing analytics manages, and analyzes data to answer questions, determines the marketing ROIs, and identifies potential improvements. The question: what is the best marketing analytics agency in UAE? Today’s article will list the top ten companies to help you choose the one that best fits your needs. Read on!

1. Riman Agency

Riman Agency has a team of professional marketing analysts that collects and studies marketing performance data. It translates data into actional reports and intuitive dashboards, allowing businesses to understand their operations.

In addition, the company’s marketing analysts working under Tarek Riman’s leadership use attribution modeling to analyze data and decide on efficient marketing touchpoints that improve the business’s overall ROI. Riman Agency specializes in:

  • Paid media analytics
  • Earned media analytics
  • Owned media analytics

The company builds custom measurement strategies for marketing performance evaluation, manages reporting via different channels, and performs A/B tests using state-of-the-art tools.

In addition, Riman Agency analyzes test results, measures customer acquisition costs, tracks CACs and how they fluctuate from time to time and develops a strategy that improves your overall business performance in UAE.

2. Way2Smile Solutions

Way2Smile Solutions is an agile innovator and software designing company in Dubai, UAE. It offers precise marketing analytics solutions and services across the Middle East and makes efforts to meet businesses’ expectations in brand designs.

The company serves businesses of all types and sizes, including small-medium enterprises and giant corporations. It transforms your business’s digital ecosystem and customizes the agile methodology and design approach to develop a solution that aligns with your business goals.

3. Daddy Cool Technologies

Daddy Cool Technologies provides reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to businesses. It offers a mix of search, social, digital strategy, email marketing, and marketing analytics.

The company provides tailored analytics solutions for clients. It also offers product life cycle staging, digital imprinting, and market analysis to make your company stand out from the competition in UAE.

4. Pearl Data Firm

Pearl Data Firm is a marketing analytics and intelligence agency in UAE. It creates SMART solutions to elevate your company’s brand and perspective. The company uses data science to develop software and technical solutions, allowing businesses to leverage cutting-edge tools and improve their bottom line.

In addition, Pearl Data Firm uses AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze data and generate valuable insights. It puts your business data into its predictive modeling and forecasting tools and steps up your pricing with a recommendations engine for commercial success in the market.

5. Queen Tech Solutions

Queen Tech Solutions is a marketing analytics and business development company providing a wide range of services to improve your brand, generate valuable insights, and add value to your business.

It has rendered quality-assured marketing analytics solutions for over 15 years, with a portfolio of more than 300 satisfied business clients across the UAE. Not only does this company designs and develops custom software systems, but it also builds mobile apps and offers digital marketing services and marketing analytics.

6. TNS Middle East

TNS Middle East is one of UAE’s most popular marketing analytics agencies. It delivers actionable insights, research-based analytics, and business advice to clients, allowing them to make more informed decisions.

The company offers comprehensive business knowledge within the technology, consumer, finance, political, social, and automotive sectors. It supports business via a unique product that covers the entire range of business and marketing issues.

In addition, the company specializes in product development, innovation, branding, communication, stakeholder management, qualitative research, data analytics, and retail management.

7. 4Sight Research and Analytics

4Sight Research & Analytics is one of the fastest-growing marketing analytics companies in the UAE. It has grown quickly and efficiently through repeat business and investment in infrastructure and resources, showing a solid commitment to businesses by providing trusted advisory, consultancy, and analytical solutions.

Besides, 4Sight has a team of professionals who follow a thorough approach to market research and deliver tangible results to clients. The purpose is to move businesses forward in UAE and enable them to make informed and optimized decisions.

Moreover, 4Sight has a pool of talented professionals in various aspects of marketing, including insights, lead client engagement, social media strategies, etc. It has solid relationships with clients in the telecom, retail, real estate, banking, and government sectors.

8. Insight Scouts

Insight Scouts is a marketing and analytics agency in UAE. Not only does Insight Scouts offer marketing analytics services in UAE, but it also has offices in North African countries and Turkey. The company covers various markets across eastern and central Europe.

It offers businesses qualitative, quantitative, and quality control services, enabling them to evaluate their marketing performance. The company serves various industries, including healthcare, communication technology, automotive, infrastructure development, eCommerce, etc.

9. Point Marketing Consultancy

Point Marketing Consultancy offers a wide range of marketing analytics and research services. It has been in the business for more than 11 years and has offices in Dubai, Jeddah, and Muscat.

Point provides businesses with innovative solutions and a cutting-edge hybrid approach. It blends traditional methods with advanced technologies to perform market research and offers valuable insights for companies in UAE.

In addition, the company specializes in product development, shopper understanding, packaging assessment, and ethnography. The good news about this company is that its services are not limited to UAE because it offers marketing analytics solutions to businesses in South Asian, European, and African countries.

10. Focus 360 Arabia

Focus 360 Arabia is a marketing analytics and research-based consultancy company. It provides brand development and enterprise management services. Focus 360 Arabia headquarters are in Dubai, UAE. However, it also offers services to local and multinational businesses across the MENA region.

The company aims to develop a strategic partnership with clients to empower regional growth via research, corporate management, brand strategy, strategic planning, creative execution, project management, and marketing analytics.

Final Words

Marketing analytics primarily aims to measure how well a company’s marketing efforts perform. It gauges the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns, collects valuable data, and passes it through various software applications to generate insights.

Although you can choose any agency listed in this post, we recommend Riman Agency because it offers all-inclusive marketing analytics solutions for your business. Until Next Time!


How to Choose the Best Marketing Agency for Your Business in the UAE

There are numerous factors to consider when choosing a marketing agency in UAE. Check out this post for the best tips and tricks!

How to Choose the Best Marketing Agency for Your Business in the UAE

Many businesses ask: how to choose a marketing agency in UAE. The task becomes more complicated if the head of the company does not have sufficient knowledge in the field of advertising on the Internet, SEO promotion of sites, analysis of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

In addition, the Internet marketing field is very dynamic: the requirements of search engines are changing, new ways of promotion are emerging, etc. That is why it is imperative not to fall for an unscrupulous contractor who promises a quick result without responsibility.

Today’s article tells you what to pay attention to when choosing a marketing agency in UAE. Make sure you follow the tips and tricks below to make the most of your marketing strategy and achieve higher investment returns. Read on!

Determine the Response Time

Pay attention to how quickly agency employees respond to your requests, how fast you receive information, and how negotiations are conducted. Suppose you left a request on the site and are already tired of waiting for someone to contact you or the manager discussing possible cooperation with you suddenly disappeared.

In that case, this is a reason to be careful. Likewise, do not believe in the unfounded promises of a quick result. A competent specialist in UAE will first conduct a preliminary analysis of your business and website. Only then will the company be able to offer a promotion strategy, a work plan, their cost, and an approximate time frame for achieving the desired result.

Check the Agency’s Website

Obviously, for a professional marketing agency, the site must be credible, attractive, convenient, informative, adaptive, etc. If this is not the case, we can undoubtedly conclude that specialists who are not able to interest in their services will not be able to help you attract new customers either.

Years of Experience

A successful marketing agency in UAE must have achievements that potential clients can see on the site. Examine the portfolio, and view successful cases, so you can understand whether you are satisfied with the approach to the tasks set, the effectiveness of the strategy, and the interaction with the client.

Understanding of Your Requirements

To develop an effective promotion strategy, a marketing agency needs to understand the specifics of the client’s business. A responsible agency in UAE will have many questions for you because they must study your business carefully.

Not necessarily, but it would be terrific if the agency has examples of successful promotion of companies that work in your niche. Pay attention to the company’s blog and the quality of its materials.

Informative, up-to-date expert articles on specialized and related topics are a good sign that you are dealing with professionals. The agency’s expertise can also be confirmed by participation in various events, master classes, webinars, etc.

Diverse Services

Many marketing agencies in UAE work in specific areas: SEO promotion, SMM, and context. But the reality is that the best result will be achieved by implementing an integrated approach.

Therefore, you should opt for an agency in UAE that can work on your promotion in a complex way: positively influence positions in organic search results, traffic, behavioral factors, manage reputation, etc.

Performance Evaluation

There are many different indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising and promotion. These include coverage, traffic, advertising channels, behavioral factors, targeted actions, etc.

Without competent analytics and evaluation of marketing effectiveness, it is impossible to achieve the desired results and develop the company. You should discuss with the agency how they evaluate performance at each stage.

Monthly Reporting

Your contractor should generate detailed monthly, and preferably weekly reports on the work done with information about the activities carried out, changes in traffic, conversion and other significant indicators, achievement of goals, etc.

Ensure the agency you choose in UAE also provides a work plan for the next reporting period. Detailed reporting will help compare the results after implementing certain activities with the results of previous periods. Another critical point in reporting is the credibility of the numbers in it.

When you look at the report of a marketing agency, and everything is super there, but your sales are not very good, there are doubts about the figures’ reality. For instance, working with Riman Agency is an excellent way to track progress. Riman Agency offers a convenient reporting option for all advertising channels.

At the same time, the numbers will be collected automatically from your advertising channels, including Google AdWords, Facebook Ads Manager, and advertising accounts. Riman Agency has years of experience streamlining digital marketing strategies for businesses in the UAE.

Final Words

Professionals always work under a contract, plus a responsible agency preliminarily negotiates with the customer the scope of work, the timing of its implementation, and the budget.

For example, Riman Agency ensures no unpleasant surprises in the cooperation process. Choosing a marketing agency in UAE is a responsible task. So, it would help if you started solving it by setting goals for contacting an agency and analyzing its information.

Riman Agency has been in the digital marketing industry for many years, offering unique services, including SEO, SEM, social media marketing, video marketing, graphic design, web development, application development, PPC campaigns, content writing services, and much more. Contact us today for more information on our services. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

Top 10 SEO Agencies in the UAE

You have landed on the right page if you are looking for the best SEO agencies in UAE. Check out this post for detailed information!

Top 10 SEO Agencies in the UAE

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is an integral part of your marketing strategy. It improves your website visibility and drives organic traffic to increase sales and generate revenues.

The primary goal of search engine optimization is to improve the quantity and quality of traffic to your business website. Today’s article will list the top ten SEO agencies in the UAE. Read on!

1. Riman Agency

Tarek Riman is the founder and CEO of Riman Agency. It is one of the most reputable SEO and digital marketing companies in UAE, offering innovative services to businesses and improving their overall bottom line.

Riman Agency has made substantial efforts to succeed, providing companies with reliable, quality, professional, and cost-effective services. The purpose is to ensure businesses make the most of their SEO strategies.

So, hiring Riman Agency can help your business earn more from search engine optimization by providing you access to cutting-edge marketing tech and experienced SEO specialists. Riman Agency uses an innovative SEO approach:

  • Using keywords in the right places
  • Finding “Suggest” keywords
  • Keeping users engaged on the website
  • Writing content in English and Arabic
  • Performing industry study
  • Adding relevant keywords to the content
  • Adding texts and infographics
  • Boosting SEO via videos and photos
  • Updating older pages
  • Following Google’s E.A.T guidelines

Riman Agency targets relevant primary and secondary keywords. It has a team of professionals that writes quality and original content, format content for search engines, and win target featured snippets. Riman Agency uses short and descriptive URLs to improve SEO.

Moreover, Riman Agency monitors industry news channels, forums, and competitors in UAE. The purpose is to generate insights, align your SEO strategy with Google algorithm updates, and achieve higher rankings.

Furthermore, Riman Agency’s team in UAE monitors your website’s health for errors and issues with indexing, ranking loss, traffic drops, and manual actions. It diagnoses problems to pinpoint causes in algorithmic drops and penalties.

Riman Agency provides development advice and guidance for fixing issues. The company has experts with access to cutting-edge tools and technology platforms. So, if you are looking for all-inclusive SEO solutions in UAE, look no further than Riman Agency.

Reach out to Tarek here: t@rimanagency.com

2. SEO Sherpa

Do you want to rank your site on top of Google and other search engines? Are you looking to generate more traffic? Do you want more leads and customers? If yes, the answer is hiring SEO Sherpa services.

The company has been in the marketing industry for more than ten years, helping businesses across UAE to improve their search engine rankings. In addition to global SEO and local SEO services, this company provides SEM, branding, and social media marketing services.

3. Si3 Digital

Si3 Digital is a full-service company that delivers engaging experiences to generate skyrocketing sales quickly and efficiently. The company has been in digital marketing for more than 12 years. It aims to help companies navigate through search engine optimization and digital strategies.

Moreover, it also offers lead generation services, helping companies get new leads, calls, inquiries, and downloads. The company makes it easier for businesses to get repeat clients or customers y marketing on the internet Si3 Digital is a good solution for businesses seeking innovative SEO services in UAE.

4. Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle is one of the best SEO agencies in the UAE. The best thing about Blue Beetle is clear communication through innovative design and deployment. So, working with Blue Beetle is an excellent way to improve your digital presence.

Besides, the company brings together various vantage points of expertise and strives to create long-lasting relationships with businesses in multiple industries in UAE. It provides excellent SEO solutions for local businesses.

5. Aspiration Worx

Aspiration Worx has been in the digital marketing agency for more than 11 years. The company helps businesses build a profitable relationship between their brands and consumers. Aspiration Worx is a digital partner of global companies like Google, GoDaddy, and Facebook, delivering next-generation online solutions.

In addition, Aspiration Worx is the home of innovation. It has a team of SEO professionals who turn your ideas into actionable strategies and promote your business website on Google and other search engines. In addition to SEO, Aspiration Worx provides logo design, graphic design, software, and mobile application development services.

6. E-Direct

E-Direct is an online marketing and SEO agency with offices in Dubai, Leeds, and Vancouver. It has a team of professional SEO experts, web designers, software developers, and an SEM advertising media team.

E-Direct has been in the media or marketing industry for over 20 years. The company’s team has expertise in implementing a strategy that aligns with your business goals and works within your budget.

It offers creative online presence improvement solutions, drives organic traffic to your site, increases conversion rates, and generates sales. The purpose is to increase revenues and make your business more profitable.

7. Mr. Creative Social

Mr. Creative Social is another digital marketing and SEO company headquartered in Dubai. The company offers numerous digital services, including website development, animation, branding, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

If you want to rank your business high on Google and promote it on social media, you can rely on the creative SEO experts of Mr. Creative Social. Although it takes months to build a target audience and rank your site on Google, Mr. Creative Social can do the job efficiently and quickly because they have experts with years of experience and extensive knowledge of the latest techniques.

8. SMART Digital Marketing

SMART Digital Marketing provides a wide range of digital marketing and SEO services in the UAE. It formulates unique and suitable digital campaigns and ensures your website ranks high on Google for specific keywords.

SMART Digital Marketing is a client-oriented company that offers reliable, efficient, and cost-effective services. It services businesses of all types and sizes, including startups, to promote their products and services.

9. Media Mavericks

Media Mavericks is a digital marketing and SEO company in Dubai, UAE. The company has creative SEO experts who create marketing campaigns and perform on-page and off-page SEO to rank your business website on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

If you want to develop SEO-based content in English and Arabic for your local business, Media Mavericks is a go-to digital marketing and SEO agency in UAE. Moreover, it offers marketing and SEO services for companies, allowing them to reach their target audience, engage them with quality Arabic content, and encourage people to visit a business website and purchase their products.

10. Lamp Media Tech

Lamp Media Tech has eleven years of experience in digital marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. The company updates its policies and internal infrastructure to align with Google’s algorithmic changes.

It offers SEO services to companies in various industries, including manufacturers, health institutions, spas, real estate companies, merchants, service providers, educational institutions, eCommerce, etc.

Final Words

SEO is an integral component of your marketing strategy. However, choosing the best company in UAE is daunting and time-consuming. We have made it easier for businesses in UAE to select an SEO company or service based on their needs. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

Biggest Companies in the UAE

What are the largest companies in the UAE? What makes them profitable? Check out this post to get the list and details of each company!

Biggest Companies in the UAE

The Global Competitiveness Report states that the United Arab Emirates has the world’s 25th competitive economy because the country has a strategic location and consistent government policies with high spending on innovation, infrastructure, digital transformation, and business ecosystem. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a major commercial hub and has a strong, diverse economy, with foreign trade making up around 80% of its GDP. The UAE is home to some of the biggest companies in the Middle East, Asia, and the world. Read on!

Emirates Telecommunications

Emirates Telecommunications, also known as Etisalat, is the biggest company in the UAE and one of the largest in the Middle East. The company provides mobile and fixed-line services, Internet services, digital television, and other services. More than 70% of people living in the UAE use the company’s services. Although you can find various other organizations, this company stands out from the competition. In addition to the UAE, the company operates in over 15 countries across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Address: Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum St PO Box 3838 Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) is a state-owned oil company based in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. It is the 12th largest oil company in the world and the biggest in the Middle East. With a presence in more than 10 countries, ADNOC is one of the major players in the global oil and gas industry. Although the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company suffered the most during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is still one of the most prominent organizations in the Middle East. The company explores, produces, stores, refines, and distributes petrochemical products. ADNOC is also heavily invested in downstream activities such as chemicals, gas processing, power generation, and service industries. While the global economy deteriorates and becomes unpredictable, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company makes substantial efforts to maintain its business operations.

Address: ADNOC Head Quarters Building – Corniche Rd – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

DP World Ltd

DP World Ltd, based in Dubai and founded in 1972, is one of the largest logistic companies in the UAE, operating terminals and ports across the Middle East and over 40 countries worldwide. The company has more than 56,000 employees in the Middle East. The company is the third-largest port operator in the world and has a network of 78 terminals and 12 new developments. DP World provides supply chain solutions, logistics, and warehousing solutions to various industries. The company has an impressive portfolio of trade and cargo operations in the UAE and across the world.

It is one of the fastest-growing companies in the UAE, with a track record of success and steady growth. In 2020, DP World reported an 18% increase in net profit for its first half, with significant growth in throughput volumes across all of its ports. DP World is also making waves in its sustainability efforts, such as using renewable energy sources and investing in its workforce. Although the company has suffered from the Covid-19 pandemic, it holds a senior position in the United Arab Emirates thanks to its prompt and effective policies.Address: X3MR+P7P Jafza 17 – Mina Jebel Ali – Jebel Ali Freezone – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Emaar Properties

Emaar Properties is one of the biggest real estate companies in the UAE. It has more than 36 subsidiaries across the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, North America, and Europe. The company develops, owns, and operates residential, commercial, and hospitality projects in the UAE. Emaar Properties is one of the most popular real estate companies in the world. The company has also diversified its business into leisure, hospitality, entertainment, education, health care and retail.   Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Emaar Properties continues to focus on the development of new projects with an aim to deliver quality living to its customers.

The company’s strong presence in the UAE and across the world makes it one of the most recognized organizations in the region. The company has a portfolio of more than 200 projects with investments in over 20 countries. The company has some of the world’s most significant achievements in its portfolio, including its tallest manmade structure, “The Burj Khalifa.” The company has also received numerous awards for its outstanding projects. Emaar Properties focus on residential and commercial property development.

Address: Emma Square, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Emirates Islamic Bank

Emirates Islamic Bank is the most profitable organization in the UAE, competing with the Abu Dhabi Bank. It is the leading provider of Islamic Finance programs and plans to customers across the UAE and the Middle East. The bank provides a range of banking services, including deposit accounts, personal finance, retail banking, and business banking. It also offers investment products such as mutual funds and structured deposits. 

The bank is committed to delivering the highest standards of service and customer experience. The organization has been active and operating for over 17 years, providing financial services to small businesses, giant corporations, and entrepreneurs in the UAE. The bank places a strong emphasis on Islamic banking principles, such as transparency, trust, and fairness. Emirates Islamic Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in the UAE, with a network of more than 40 branches across the country. The bank is at the forefront of technological innovation and recently launched its mobile banking app, which offers customers a variety of features such as account management, payments, and transfers. The bank is also actively involved in corporate social responsibility activities such as education, health care, and community development initiatives.

Address: Showroom LG-157, Lower Ground Floor، Adjacent – DU Outlet, Arabian Court، Dubai Mall – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Emaar Malls

Emaar Mall is one of the largest shopping mall operators in the UAE. The organization owns and operates some of the most iconic shopping malls in the region, such as Dubai Mall, The Galleria, and Arabian Centre. The malls offer an array of shopping and entertainment experiences to customers, ranging from fashion stores to entertainment venues. The company is also actively involved in community activities and initiatives aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The organization is committed to providing the best shopping and entertainment experiences in the UAE. It also focuses on creating retail destinations that contribute to the economic growth of their surrounding communities. Emaar Malls is a subsidiary of Emaar Properties Group. The company develops properties, including hotels, restaurants, hospitality centers, leisure establishments, retail stores, and shopping malls. The company’s notable projects include Dubai Marina, Dubai Creek Harbor, Dubai Downtown, and Dubai Mina Rashid.

Address: Emaar Square Building 3 – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

First Abu Dhabi Bank

Abu Dhabi Bank is a profitable organization and the most famous financial institution in the United Arab Emirates. The bank provides a range of banking and financial services to individual customers, businesses, and corporations. FAB is the first bank in the region to offer a comprehensive range of products and services designed to meet the needs of customers from all sectors. The bank is also actively involved in community projects aimed at developing and improving the quality of life in the UAE.

FAB offers a variety of banking products, including corporate banking, retail banking, and wealth management services. The bank also provides Islamic banking, private banking, and investment management services. FAB is committed to providing the highest standards of customer service and leveraging the latest technology to enhance the customer experience. The bank is at the forefront of digital innovation, offering customers advanced features such as online banking and mobile banking. It is an integral part of the Gulf Cooperation Council and has an extensive network within the UAE and other countries across the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Address: 1st Floor, Abu Dhabi Mall,10th Street,Near Al Ansari Exchange – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

Final Words

The United Arab Emirates is a commercial and business hub in the Middle East. Thanks to its friendly business policies, the country has experienced rapid development and prosperity in recent years. These companies are the largest in the country, offering state-of-the-art services to their customers. The languages spoken in the UAE are more than 200 languages from all over the world. This makes it easier for companies from different regions to conduct business and connect with customers from a variety of cultures. Until Next Time!


What are the biggest US companies in UAE?

Major international corporations like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, FedEx are among those that have established regional and headquarters in Abu Dhabi and Dubai as a result of the UAE economy’s opportunities.

What is UAE’s main source of income?

The UAE’s 2020 GDP was projected to be $359 billion. This is a reflection of the UAE’s abundant natural resources, which account for 10% of the world’s oil reserves and the fifth-largest natural gas reserves.

Which industry is booming in UAE?

It should come as no surprise that the real estate market is flourishing, and this growth is anticipated to continue for the upcoming several years as the UAE’s population continues to increase as draws individuals from all over the world.

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